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CyberExpert  MT5 Hedge

Cyber Expert is a fully automated system made for trading for all currencies pairs. It's a trend expert no martingale, no grid. EA determine trend based on calculations of four MA indicators on different time frames. The best set of inputs is already added and these are actually its default settings. EA is already active on  '' Seul3 ''( https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/644956) trading signal, and trade on 36 currencies pairs at the same time on the H1 time frame.

    Input Parameters

                 Set Volume  - fixed lot size

                 Set Stop Loss (in pips)

                 Set Take Profit (in pips)

                 BUY/SELL – activate  only buy or only sell or both options

                 Trailing Stop

                 Extra Trail


                 Deviations Point

                 Order Type Filling

                 Magic Number

                 Inputs  for First Indicator

                 Inputs  for  Second Indicator

                 Inputs  for the Third Indicator

                 Inputs  for the Fourth Indicator

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