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Easy Virtual Trader Free

Only limited options with 10 pips Stop-loss - Latest Version

Setup Easy Virtual Trader > Inputs your Rules > You are ready to Trade from mobile or another EA or anywhere....Let robot manage your Trades

  • This powerful EA will help you manage ALL or SPECIFIC trades automatically based on your PRE-SET rules and settings
  • Once it is setup and running, you don't need to monitor your orders anymore, the software will keep watching and control your orders with your predefined rules
  • You can trade from your desktop MT4 or from your mobile application or manage trades of another EA
  • It's designed to support multi-protection and trailing strategy: Protect by break-even, protect by percentage, protect by pip, protect by intelligent multi trailing strategy - trail long or trail short.
  • How to use Video - https://youtu.be/3DNd_TCCOVE

Basic Features - Trade  & Stop-loss Settings

  • Manage Trades = "Specific" or "All Trades" - Use "All Trades" if you want the EA to manage all trades. Use "Specific" if you want the EA to manage specific Magic number trades
  • Input Magic Numbers = If Manage Trades = "Specific" in above setting, Input Magic numbers like  "2323345,232456,2324555" ( Add "," separated as required )
  • Maximum Slippage allowed = 3 ( means maximum slippage allowed will be 3)

Stop-loss Settings - Should EA modify SL? or Keep it the same as the original trade

  • Use Original or Modify SL = "Original" means SL will not be modified, "Modify" means stop-loss will be modified to the value set below
  • SL Value = 10.0 means stop-loss will be modified to 10 pips to all the managed trades (Will not work)

Profit Booking Settings - How much to partial close  & What levels to close

  • TP1 = TP1 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP1 – 50 means 50%
  • TP2 = TP2 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP2 – 40 means 40% ( TP3 will automatically be 10% )
  • TP Setting = Pips - enter pips below or Use Auto for Ratios
  • TP1 = 20 - 1st Take Profit | Eg. 20.0 means 20 pips if TP setting=pips, Auto - 1.0 means automatically calculate 1:1 so if SL is 10 pips, TP1 will 10 pips
  • TP2 = 40 - 2nd Take Profit | Eg. 40.0 means 40 pips if TP setting=pips, Auto - 2.0 means automatically calculate  1:2 so if SL is 10 pips, TP2 will 20 pips
  • TP3 = 80 - 3rd Take Profit | 80.0 pips if TP setting=pips, Auto - 3.0 means automatically calculate 1:3 so if SL is 10 pips, TP3 will 30 pips

 Trail Settings - When to Trail & How to Trail

  • Trail Profit Start = Start when to Trail profit from TP1 or TP2 or Buy/Sell Price
  • Trail Type = Magic Trail Long = Use for Long term trades , Magic Trail Short = Use for short term trades , No Trail = Means don't use any Trailing

Please help leave a good review if you like the EA and give me feedback and I will make it better!

Easy Virtual Trader is an enhancement of the already popular Easy Trade manager due to many requests for automatic version : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/34086

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Version 3.0 2020.05.29
- EA can now Trades based on specific pairs
- More advanced information on the Panel to accommodate new features coming soon
- More advanced Trailing with Magic Trail
- More advanced features for Break even
- Commission adjustment during breakeven
- Code fine-tuned
- Setting becomes simpler