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RTS Pro Gold ime ise

The indicator can be used for Gold analysis  , Gold Coins, at Iran stock markets (ISE) , the Iran Mercantile Exchange( IME )

 RTS Pro Gold  ISE   iME, indicator is a  product that designed  in  mix of all previous free versions  !

indicators in  RTS Pro Gold  ISE   iME  accumulated  all in one package for use ın MQL5 platform only .

 We attempted seriously day by day work to present better this service for professional trader !

 in fact our indicators  Monitors on  one of  very important objects on all market ,

base of this indicator is good looking to activity of support Resistance ,Close and logically relative between them!
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Version 2.11 2019.12.02
Added the extent and Ranges ,trend signal of the separate parts such as high and lows times in all scopes and the ranges .
signals buy sell and hold tool added at different times.