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SSA Commander EA

  Quality always comes at a premium


Please contact Chris if you have questions about this great offer (Link)

S S A  M 1  C o m m a n d e r   -  a pip generating monster!

SSA Commander uses an Andrews Pitchfork proxy in conjunction with a price convergence/divergence supported by high-end Artificial Intelligence pattern recognition. The trio of robust methods produces an edge that truly COMMANDS trade accuracy and long term profitability. This make SSA Commander the must have addition for those traders wishing to augment their current portfolio.

SSA Commander for traders who demand, no, COMMAND portfolio returns.

Try before you buy (100% customer satisfaction):
  • Live Monitoring, see SSA M1 Commanders impressive performance and precision: >> Live Signal << 
  • Feel free to use Demo version to run back-tests before purchasing to ensure you are happy with how SSA M1 Commander trades. 

A Monster? A smart one: it trades when others don't:
  • 18 pairs M1 portfolio - high profit portfolio
  • Opens trades between 20:00h and 23:45h only (GMT+2)
  • Short holding times, high precision, quick profit.
  • 0% risk of ruin at 100% Monte Carlo confidence level*
  • 0% risk of margin call according to 15 year equity / drawdown analysis*

Please read this blog to find our more about expected, profit, performance analysis, settings and more....

For a detailed explanation of SSAs strategy and more about the technology behind it click here!

Four simple steps to begin:

  1. Place SSA on charts of pairs in M1
  2. Choose your individual risk settings
  3. Set magic number
  4. That's it!

For detailed step-by-step guide please consult INSTRUCTIONS and FAQs:  

Also please consult this page to read about your ideal choice of broker, VPS and more!

SSA Commander ready-to-use package includes:

  • SSA M1 Commander Expert Advisor trading system
  • High precision portfolio containing the best 18 pairs for  high-accuracy trading, low holding time and fast profit! (Link)
  • We always offer a live view on our expert advisors via signals. 21 pairs extended portfolio signal here.

SSA M1 Commander - Netflix tonight? Better watch that pip generating monster work ...

*All figures are based on historic 99.90% tick data analysis. Please be aware: historic figures are a strong indicator for future development, but can NOT guarantee forthcoming performance.

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Version 1.30 2019.10.15
usdchf & usdcad ADDED.
Version 1.20 2019.10.14
Code optimization.
Version 1.1 2019.09.29
Various A.I. Filters added.