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LRY LS Robot MT4

LRY SL Robot is a fully automated multi-currency trading robot, trading according to the "rise-fall ratio".

EA operating environment

  • EA can run in any currency, at any time. The minimum capital is $300.


  • Lot - lot size for pending orders.
  • Open Percentage - Start trading "percentage signals"
  • Close Percentage - Turn off trading "percentage signals"
  • Compound Interest - As the balance increased, so did the number of orders
  • Move Stop Loss - Change distance of stop loss line after earnings
  • Add Points - Add the distance to the next order
  • Liquidated Amount - Close the transaction amount when there are multiple orders
  • Liquidated Loss - Maximum loss amount
  • Currency Group - Currency used for transaction (default all currencies)
  • Exclusion Currency Group - Currency that prevents transactions
  • Magic - you can set a magic number for the orders created.

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