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Fantastic EA

An incredible Robot that leads the trend direction optimally generating profit in most of the time of its execution.

Tested, tested and optimized for handling in the EURUSD pair only.

It is developed in a single 1-day time frame and the parameter conditions are as follows.

1. Minimum execution assets:

--- 2,000 USD or EUR for Standard accounts

--- 200 USD or EUR for micro accounts

2. Percentage for lots: 0.4% for microlots and 0.04% for Standard. Example: Equity 200 * 0.4% = 0.80 Lots Micro Accounts

                                                                                                                           Equity 2,000 * 0.04% = 0.80 Lots Standard Accounts

3. Take Profit: 1,000 Pips

4. Execution time: 1 month

5. Time Frame: 1D

NOTES: If the equity in the exercise and development of the operation of the EA is positive, close. This can happen in just 15 days-

Platforms that handle an alternate multiterminal station are recommended since this robot generates too many operations and to automatically close all operations only the multiterminal can do
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