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Samurai EZ

InfY trend follower is a fully automated expert advisor, which trades after the close of the American trading session and before the opening of the European when the market is most calm and predictable. The basis is built-in algorithms for determining the boundaries of the flat during the Asian session. When the border is reached, a rebound trade is opened, in case of movement against the transaction, several more transactions can be opened additionally (not a grid). It can work on various currency pairs. Best results were shown on USDCHF.

To increase efficiency, the adviser can be put on several tools at the same time.

Futures and Benefits

  • Fully automated
  • Does not use the grid and martingale.
  • Has virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • A lot of trades (beneficial for rebates)
  • High trades precision. About 90% profitable trades according to the results of a test on history!



  • Timeframes M5, M15
  • VPS usage
  • Brokers with low spread


Default settings are for USDCHF (5 Digits), M5, GMT +2.


You are welcome with any questions!



Input Parameters  


Time Parameters

Trade Start Time – Time when the adviser begins to trade

Trade End Time – Time when the adviser ends to trade

The default settings are for the time zone GMT +2. If the time on your server is tied to a different time zone, you must make the appropriate changes.


TP and SL Parameters (It is established only for the first trade, the rest are counted automatically)

Take Profit – Distance to Take profit

Stop Loss – Distance to Stop Loss

Virtual – Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit switch

Step – Distance between Trades


Volume and Trades Parameters


Number of Trades – Maximum number of open trades on the current currency pair.

Max Spread – The maximum spread at which trade can be opened

Autolot - Switch of automatic determination of the volume of trades, if the value is True, the volume will be calculated automatically.

Autolot Parameter - (with Autolot = true) Parameter for automatic calculation of the trades volume. Calculated according to the formula Lot = Balance * Parameter / 100000. For example, if the parameter is 1% and the deposit is 10000, the volume will be 0.1 lot. With parameter 5 and deposit 5000, the volume will be 0.25 lots.

Fix Lot - Fixed volume in lots.

Magic Number – Advisor magic number.


It’s not recommended to trade, when spread is to big.

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