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Advisor NightScalp-PTJ made for trading on MT5. Betta version.

Good hours to trade are the last hour from the New York session and the first hour after it closed.

By default, the maximum retention time of an open position is set per day, after which the transaction is closed forcibly.

Always uses take profit and stop loss, which provide protection for the deposit in the event of an unfavorable development of the market situation.

The EA does not use dangerous trading methods that can destroy a deposit: grids, martingale, locking, holding without stops.

The adviser takes into account the size of the spread and in case of a high value refuses the transaction, even under positive trading conditions.

A broker with a low spread is required, and on a fixed spread, trading indicators are better, since there are no restrictions for opening a transaction due to a high spread.

If GMT_Auto = true, then the GMT_Offset parameter is calculated automatically. Recommended trading time from 21:00 to 22:00 GMT.

When testing, set GMT_Auto = true, and GMT_Offset relative to your local time.

The EA uses several timeframes, therefore, for testing, quotes of all timeframes (M1, M15, M30, H1, H4) must be downloaded to the terminal.
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