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SuperBatman scalper

A scalper ea, suitable for any currency pair, EURUSD performs well, the more volatile the higher the profit, more suitable for non-agricultural market, perform well. Professional capturing EA market. Expert advisers trade at the main support/breakthrough level of the euro against the pound against the dollar. The EA has a continuous adaptive stop-loss system that manages every transaction. Intelligent stop-loss system analyses, evaluates and reacts to all market fluctuations. Because of MaxSpread protection, you can skip trading during major news events and high volatility in the foreign exchange market. Thanks to the stoploss system, every location will be processed!

It is recommended to use VPS server to run EA on ECN account. The reverse test used 99% quality Dukascopy tick data.

Back to the test,It takes six months, which means less than a month to go from $100 to $100, 000

Suitable for 1 min

Prapat Prachoen
Prapat Prachoen 2019.09.05 11:22 

The results are very good.

Currently doing real trading But have not yet traded or entered orders yet.

Trade in the first 3 days, make a 5% profit