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MFN System

Advisor trading on the rebound from important levels. First, the EA determines the important levels (how many bars to determine the levels is set in the settings). After that, the robot is waiting for the breakout price of one of the levels. If the price breaks the level, open an order. Since all orders are opened at the peak of the uptrend and downtrend (the trend strength is set in the Trend Strength setting), the probability of a rollback is very high. If there is no rollback, the robot uses a double grid of orders, for the most secure way out of the drawdown.

EA settings

  • Auto Lot - automatic lot. It is calculated as 0.01 for the Deposit amount specified in this setting. For example, You specified 100. So for a Deposit of $ 100, the lot will be 0.01, for a Deposit of $ 200 0.02, etc...;
  • Lot - fixed lot if auto Lot = 0;
  • Take Profit (in Points) - Take profit from breakeven level (in points).
  • Stop Loss in (%) - Stop loss as % of the Deposit.
  • Grid levels - how many grid levels to use to exit the drawdown.
  • Step - Step between orders when hedging.
  • Step multiplier - the Multiplier a step.
  • Lot multiplier - lot Multiplier.
  • Bars - how Many bars to take to analyze important levels.
  • Trend Strength - the Strength of the trend to enter the market.
  • Magic Number - magic number.
  • Information color - color of the information on the chart.
  • Profit - the color of information on the profit.
  • Loss - color of the loss information.
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Version 2.0 2019.08.13
Improved work with automatic lot calculation.