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TS OneBasket MT5

TS OneBasket EA is a trend following trading robot.  The market entry signal is based on the analysis of candle patterns and some standard indicators, such as Bollinger Bands and mulit-timeframe Moving Averages.

With the default input parameter settings, the EA works best with EURUSD.  It also supports other currency pairs, such as USDCHF, AUDNZD, EURCHF, CHFJPY, NZDCHF, etc. Because of the coming Brexit events, GBP related currency pairs are not recommended to use this EA.

The EA supports MT5 hedged account only, because it could have multiple open positions for one symbol. However, it is not Grid trading or Martingale.

The EA opens more positions just because it has another signal, but not by checking price levels. And the newly opened position has the same trade volume with the previous one. All the opened positions are grouped to one basket and the EA checks the profit/loss of the basket and close all the open positions by basket TP and SL.

Input Parameters:

  • Money Management: true - enable money management settings; false - use fixed lot in the trading.
  • Unit Lots, Lots Per Balance: when "Money Management" is true, these two parameters are used to calculate the trade volume, for example, the default values are 0.01/200, means for every 200 USD balance, the trade volume is 0.01 lot. If the account balance is 1000 USD, the trade volume is 0.05 lot.
  • Max drawdown in percentage: This is the basket stop loss setting. If it is set to 20, it means if the overall loss exceeds 20% of the account balance, EA will close all the positions in the basket.
  • Trade Mode: specify the trade direction, 4 options are available: "Long and Short", "Long Only", "Short Only", "Do not Trade".
  • No New Orders: when this parameter is set to 'true', it won't open new positions and only checks the profit/loss status of existed positions.
  • Magic Number, Max Slippage, Max Spread, TP, SL- settings when open new positions.
  • Basket TP in Pips: when the overall profit exceeds this value, EA closes all the positions with profit.
  • Min Channel Width: this could be the most important parameter of this EA, this is a volatility related setting. You may need to optimize this parameter if you want to use this EA on symbols other than EURUSD.
  • Max Orders: max number of orders in the basket.
  • Order Filling Mode
We will release a signal based on this EA soon to demonstrate and monitor the performance of this EA.

 The attached screenshots show the results of two years (2017.8~2019.8) back testing with default input parameter values.

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