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New version of this EA will be published before Sep.20 2019

the mql4 version of this expert linked here. 

This is a kind of GRID-EA, the main feature of which is that we use "degrading method" to control risk.

You know, we could hardly find any stable trend from market of recent years. volatility has taken increasingly proportion in the daily price patterns. so, grid-trading should be the most suitable way to trade such a market. however, along with grid-ea, often comes fearful risk. we may face stop-out if we added too many orders. In response to this problem, we figured out a set of "degrading method". once we're trapped into adverse trend, we can just make the grid degraded. then we could get better average price at the cost of small loss. and what's more important is that the grid structure was kept whole.

Besides, we add several indicator filters in this ea to keep the equity moving smoothly.


Instruction for some of the parameters :

single_symbol                   = trade only one symbol of the current chart.  
multi_symbol_in_serie      = all symbols trade in serie mode. when one has already opened some positons, other symbols are locked to trade.
multi_symbol_in_parallel  = all symbols trade in parallel mode. all symbols are traded simultaneously.
inp_symbol_list                 =symbols list, split by comma ','

Account advice:
  • balance less than 500 $:       use cent account
  • balance 1000 - 3000 $:         choose 'multi_symbol_in_serie' mode to trade all symbols
  • balance more than 3000 $:   choose 'multi_symbol_in_parallel' mode to trade all symbols
  • balance more than 5000 $:   could moderately increase volume.

Parameters:all parameters have been set and optimized automatically in this ea. just set 'inp_auto_params' to true. it's not recommended to set parameters manually if you have not understood the algorithm well.

Attention:the signal filter method may be a little strict in this ea. it may refused to open orders for several days. it's normal.

BrazilianGuy3 2019.09.08 13:09 

I did some backtesting, ea seems to give a stable growth with very small drawdowns. Will continue testing the next few weeks and then run live.

Wan Ping Fei
Wan Ping Fei 2019.08.28 12:35 


MMOmaster35 2019.08.23 17:51 

Backtests are good I added it to a demo account an I will update my review later.

Edit: Great support!

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.08.23 11:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Moen B
Moen B 2019.08.20 15:39 

works well even for some pairs other than what the developer suggested! Actually, its the most beautiful grid ea that I have ever tested with very low DD. I love it.


Ea has worked for one week on my real ECN account. Since I am yet testing it, I didn't let it trade more than 0.01 Lot. But So far so good. the Developer has added some more pairs which have increased profitabality. They are continuously improving the EA. All good for now, I am very optimistic about this EA.


Two weeks on run, results have been good so far.

Version 1.28 2019.08.27
modified some text content
Version 1.27 2019.08.27
modified some text content
Version 1.26 2019.08.25
memory optimized.
Version 1.24 2019.08.23
1、signals algorithm optimized. signals calculation would be faster now.
2、added 4 more recommended pairs.
Version 1.2 2019.08.20
1.02 modified some text mistake.
Version 1.1 2019.08.19
1.01 修改了一些参数显示