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DS Events Copy

DS Events Copy simplifies Elliott Wave Analysis markup. I am a practicing wave trader and I regularly mark out Elliott waves, horizontal and vertical lines, Fibonacci levels, etc. when working with charts and quotes. If you are a wave trader yourself, you should know how difficult it is to mark out the waves on a single currency pair opened on different timeframes.

Of course, you can mark out the waves on a single chart switching between the timeframes, but it is too inconvenient. The wave analysis requires comfort, speed and accuracy!



This multi-timeframe expert works on any chart. Thus, it can be used not only for EWA (Wave Analysis) but also for any other purposes.

The expert is fully automated and has no parameters. All parameters are calculated and captured in real time.

After an object is created and any property is modified, the expert changes the necessary properties in other active charts having the same symbol and a timeframe that is not larger than the generated one!

Ali Shirdel
Ali Shirdel 2018.02.07 09:51   

please repair it

it not showing anything in chart

it seems your version is 1 but each one that to sale no has version

karatekid 2014.09.19 11:18 

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