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Felicity Lite MT5

Felicity Lite MT5


The EA Felicity Lite MT5 trades according to signals generated by an advanced system of indicators. By default the  EA Felicity Lite MT5 has been trained to trade the following symbol: EURUSD. The EA Felicity Lite MT5 is ready for the fully automated trading with this symbol. This EA is free and based on my other multi-currecy EA - Felicity MT5.

You can choose any timeframe because all calculations are carried out according to special algorithms.


  1. TradePairs - Traded pairs; (EURUSD)
  2. Lots - lot size (if 0, then Percent of the depo will be used);
  3. Percent - Percent of the current deposit size;
  4. TakeProfit - Take Profit Size;
  5. StopLoss - Stop Loss Size;
  6. Trailing - flag to enable trailing;
  7. TrailingStep - Trailing step size;
  8. BuyAdmission - Admissions to generate a BUY signal; 
  9. SellAdmission - Tolerance to generate a SELL signal;
  10. Grider - Grider activation (on / off); (risky strategy so be carefull to use it)
  11. MaxPositions - Maximum active positions and boost steps;
  12. TradeTime - Time for trading,  from HH:MM - to HH:MM;
  13. Prefix - Prefix added to the name of currency pairs; (if the currency pairs have unusual name)
  14. Suffix - Suffix added to the name of currency pairs; (if the currency pairs have unusual name)
  15. TuneODD, TuneEVEN - Optimization parameters;
  16. Magic - magic number for identifying advisor orders; (if you want to use several EAs - pls change this value. It needs to be different with each others)
  17. Comments - comments for advisor orders;

zero9898 2019.08.18 11:03 

A potential EA, let's see how it perform!

Version 1.2 2019.08.15
added tuneODD and tuneEVEN parameters for optimisation