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Fx Smart

By checking Trend direction by 3MA  at trading time frame and upper time frame With Intelligence Averaging system ,This EA " FX Smart " is made.

  This is very constant steady monthly profits EA ,As you know well Backtest Result has no News Control. so On real will be more steady Profits and low DD

M5 EURUSD  Recommended. Min 500USD , 1:400

Using  News Filter, Please protect unexpected entry during News , So Please add at  MT4 Tools/Options/ExpertAdvisors   URL:  http://ec.forexprostools.com/

This EA has a Protecting System with unexpected Market changing by following

  •   News Filter
  •  AutoClose by DD level


   If you want to use JPY accounts, Please multiplied by 110 to  Amount for Initial Lots like 500*110= 55000

                                                                                               Risk % for initial Lots like  5.0%/110=0.045

   If you want to change the First Take Profits , Change the Profits(Pips)  Like   10.0 to 12.5

   if you want to change to trade open , close time , change the Open hour and close hour like  1 to 0 , 10 to 9


  • Comments       : Order Comments 
  • Magic Number  : Order  identifications of same pair at one accounts

---Lots Calculation---

  • Fix Initial Lot, if not Zero :  If you use Fix Lot 
  • Risk (%) for Initial Lots, if not Zero : If you use Risk money Control
  • Initial Lots : If you use initial lots par Amounts 
  • Amount for Initial Lots :  Increasing Amounts  each initial Lots 
  • Profit (Pips)  : Profits for Orders
  • Stop Loss(Pips) if not recovery : Stop Loss if not Recovery Mode=False
  • Trailing Ture/False
  • Trailing Distance(Pips)
--- Entry Condition ----

  • Trading Time Frame :Trading Time frame ( Like 1,5,15,30...)
  • Upper Time Frame:Checking Upper Time Frame( Like , 5,15,30,60,240..
  • Ma Periods: Moving Average Periods
  • No Entry Area(Pips): No entry Area from Ma(Pips)
  • Trend Ma Periods1:Checking Trend Ma Periods1
  • Trend Ma Periods2:Checking Trend Ma Periods2
  • Stochastic %K Periods
  • Stochastic %D Periods
  • Stochastic Slowing
  • Stochastic Buy Level
  • Stochastic Sell Level
  • Std Periods
  • StdDev Level

--- Recovery Averaging Setting  ----

  • Recovery Average Process : TRUE/ FALSE
  • Recovery Ma Periods : Recovery Entry Ma Periods
  • Max Orders: Max Orders of Recovery
  • Recovery  Distance(Pips) : Min Recovery Distance
----- Trading Period Setting -----
  • Japan Morning Open hours : Open hours for Japan Morning time Orders
  • Japan Morning Close hours : Close hours for Japan morning time Orders

  •  Open hours: Open hours for London NY time 
  •  Close hours : Close hours for London NY time

  •  Close Mode :  All orders Close MODE Selection ( NONE , TIME ,DD , TIME Or TIME)
  • Time Close hour : All Order Close Time if Close Mode = TIME, TIME Or DD
  •  DD level(%) : All Order Close if DD reach This level

---- News Filter Setting -----

  • Trade Disable  after News(Min) : Trade Disable  after News(Min)
  • Trade Disable  before News(Min) :Trade Disable  before News(Min)
  • Enable Light News : If TRUE , Trade Disable for Light News
  • Enable Medium News : if TRUE , Trade Disable for medium News
  • Enable Hard News : If TRUE , Trade Disable for Hard News
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) : Your Broker Time Zone set for News Data control
  • Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies)  : Write here Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies) 
  • Draw only the future of news line : If TRUE, Draw Line
  • Signals on the upcoming news :Signals on the upcoming news
  • Color Important News : Color Selection for Hard News
  • Color Medium News : Color Selection for Medium News
  • Color Light News: Color Selection for Light News
  • Line Style : Draw Line Selection


If you want to know other parameters , please let me know  by comments or private one.




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