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This low-risk multi-currency Expert-Advisor is a customizable Grid strategy which initiates its trades based on a combination of traditional and respected indicators. The strategy then modifies the situation based on the market movements in order to make the most of the circumstances.

The indicators and the strategy used have been generated with having in mind of an approximate 10-year experience in markets.

the strategy used in this EA is a trusted strategy with traders to manage their investments and moves.

In order to minimize the risks and ambition-generated risky actions, the EA is set to be a maximum 5 trade Grid.

Key points:

1. Minimum deposit required is 1000USD
2. Minimum leverage needed is 1:200
3. This EA is functional on all pairs but it is suggested to start using in Eurusd and in accordance with provided set file in the review section.

4. The link below provides detailed data on the performance of the EA:


5. it is worthy to mention that the author does not provide any guarantee regarding neither the initial capital nor the profit.   

6. Please contact the publisher for detailed set files before initiating any trades.

* The First 20 downloads will be free and after that, you will have to pay a fee to have access to this EA
* Be advised that the default is set for 10000 USD so you have to divide 10 times for smaller accounts or use the recommended set in the comments section.

* Be careful this EA is not to be kept on 24/5 and you should manage it. I prefer to work from Monday London time open to NY Wednesday close.

*It is also worth mentioning that back testing will probably blow the account as this EA needs specific on and off times which is not provided in back testing. you can perform back testing by dividing the time period you intend to test to smaller periods. for example instead of testing the whole 2018 test each month separately.

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2019.07.14 16:48 

Glad I got it for free. Lets see next week. cheers