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Retro Trade

Retro Trade is a Dynamic Grid EA with Multidimensional ordering system.


Retro Trade uses some Math to create a Pattern which the algorithm follows to put orders and different dimensions simply repeat the Same Pattern from the new prices and it helps you make extra profit until the other dimensions come to a result. this math formula has a Coefficient, which by increasing it the distance between the orders get larger, and the number of orders decreases, each dimension activates after a certain number of orders from the previous dimension( Activation Number), so if you want the algorithm to trade more you can activate more dimensions with lower activation numbers and lower coefficient.


by managing the number of orders, deploying fewer amount of your capital(trading with Fixed Lot), and using multidimensional ordering system  the risk of margin call is significantly decreased and profitability of the EA is a lot higher than normal grid EA's.


  • I recommend having 3K to trade safe.
  • Works on M5 timeframe.

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