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Xea is a professional Robot for professional traders. It is composed by a selection of 18 strategies cross connected into this single EA, perfectly choosen for diversification and correlation, in such a way that the buyer will get an already built-in complete trading system.

Xea can survive Back-test of 32 years, with fix spread 10/20/30 points, and even Back-test of 17 years with real spread + commissions + negative slippage (please watch screenshots or drop me a message)

Xea is suitable for BIG deposit, where other systems are not profittable.

Xea works on EURUSD H1, filtering the noises of the market, and use small lots so that you can use even with 30:1 leverage in low risk mode or standard mode. 
Xea is NOT sensitive to slippage, or to latency to broker - and always send to the broker the STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT, so in case of disconessions or internet issue your deposit will be always safe.

Our forward-test is showing very same results even if used with different brokers (please drop me a message for list)

Backtesting Statistics 

Please use GMT+2 DTS=US history data to backtest and EURUSD H1. 
The results in the table comes from 17 years.
BalanceStep: Yearly Average Profit: Max hystorical real spread DD: mode:
1120 usd 38% 10% Safe settings/Low Risk
 560 usd 76% 20% Default settings/Medium Risk
2240 usd 19% 5% Ultra-Low Risk

The backtesting results can't tell the profit or Maximum Drawdown in the future.



Fix Lots:Xea will use fix lots as specify in "FixedLots"
FixedLots: lots to be use and will never increase.

Increasing: (recommended) Xea will increase lots using BalanceStep (equity per step)  as the table above. so for example BalanceStep: 1120 will use 0.01 lots every 1120 deposit.
Please note that if your deposit is NOT in USD you must calculate the correct value referring to your deposit currency.

Use Virtual Balance: you can use a max virtual balance -> reccomended for big deposit, when you want to use only part of you deposit.
Virtual Balance: the amount of balance you want to use for LotStep calculation: example: deposit 50.000 Virtual Balance: 7.900 BalanceStep 790 it will open 0.10 lots.

When you need to upgrade to a new version of Xea, please activate this and Xea will manage old positions without opening new ones.

Comments: you can custom comments the EA

Magic Number Prefix: setup your favourite prefix that will be add to magic number: so if you setup "800", Xea will add 101->111 and magic will be: 800101 -> till 800111   

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Prediction GmbH
Gianluca Carolo 2020.02.27 15:59   

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Version 3.0 2020.05.03
Added 7 new strategies able to trade in many markets
Added "BPT" = Broker Performance Tracking,
a panel that can track behaviour of 2 or more different brokers about:
* Slippages.
* Spreads.
* Orders execution time.

note: to speed-up backtest disable panel and BPT too.
Version 2.2 2020.04.13
Rollback to ver 1.42 becouse some issues found in newer versions
Version 2.1 2020.04.09
useWeekendClosing fixbug, for everybody need to use this features (not reccomended)
Version 2.0 2020.03.31
Fix slippage control to be used in multiple istances of Xea
Added reset Slips to clear old tracking.
Version 1.50 2020.03.23
Added "useSlippageTracking" (need to be set = True in settings)
to enable checkinf of broker slippage of your orders in Panel.
Added One Chart Setup so that u can trade EURUSD and GBPUSD from same chart.
Version 1.42 2020.02.11
Fixed issue when UseWeekendClosing = "true"
Version 1.41 2019.10.21
Added possibility to limit MaxOrders open @ weekend.
Version 1.32 2019.09.30
Added possibility to limit MaxOrders open.
Version 1.31 2019.09.18
Fixed prefix in Magic Number of Strategy # 10 and 11.
Version 1.30 2019.09.17
Added strategy # 10.
Added strategy # 11.
Version 1.21 2019.07.19
Added Money Managements to Risk a fixed percentage per trade
Version 1.2 2019.07.11
Added strategy # 9.
Optimization of the speed in backtesting.
HideTradeLevels option.
Version 1.1 2019.07.09
Added strategy # 8