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This Expert Advisor has been designed for small deposits. 

Before testing and trading, make sure that Martingeil = True.

Moving Average and ADX indicators are used for technical analysis. М5, М15, М30, Н1 and Н4 timeframes are analyzed simultaneously.

Default settings are suitable for EURUSD М5.

General Recommendations

  • Default settings are suitable for the deposit of $1 000. If your deposit is smaller, decrease the initial lot to 0.01.
  • The Expert Advisor is set for a 5-digit broker.

Input Parameters

  • CurSymbolOnly - only one currency pair (at which the trading robot is activated) is averaged. If False, all trades in the terminal are averaged.
  • StopFull - averaging by losses.
  • TakeFull - averaging by profit.
  • StepOrders - order series insertion step.
  • AmountOrders - number of orders in martingale.
  • IncreaseLot - increasing the lot.
  • LevelStopMartin - disabling martingale if the drawdown exceeds a percentage level.
  • Lots - trade's initial lot.
  • MaximalLot - maximum possible lot in the series.
  • TakeProfit - target profit.
  • SafeEquity - enabling closing orders in case equity decreases in the percentage level.
  • SafeEquityRisk - equity disabling level by percentage.
  • slippage - price slippage.
  • AllPositions - trailing all positions in the terminal.
  • ProfitTrailing - trailing only in case of profit.
  • TrailingStop - profit level in pips.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.
  • MagicNumber - magic number.
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