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Trajecta FlashMap

What about joining your market expertise and intuition with algorithms coded as visual maps?

The discovery power: in our opinion, the best strategies are created when traders see what other traders don't see. So, the concept of these visual maps is bringing new trading vision and ideas to improve your market and strategic vision.

From quantitative to qualitative: new trading technologies brings each time more quantitative information. But the main idea of this MT5 indicator is the other way around: to create qualitative maps based on forces, using some of our main labs algorithms, and leave the brain power of qualitative analysis and intuition do the rest.

Trajecta FlashMap

The main difference from Trajecta ForceMap maps and from Trajecta SpeedMap is cluster detection algorithm, that will join and group information about strong up (overbought) trends and strong down (oversold) trends.

Indicator Description

There is no paradigms about the indicator interpretation, and you can use other indicators together, anyway the maps algorithm logic is map colors for bulls and bears scenarios in graph area, instead of traditional indicators based on lines and/or histograms.

It's very relevant define the best period (indicator setup) for the timeframe and the instrument you are used to trade. 

Examples of visual information to trading analysis and decision support, based on this indicator:

  • Volatility: long areas can indicate high volatility.
  • Lateral Movement: several mix of colors can indicate that market is not trending.
  • Trend Force: just one color can indicate that market is trending.
  • Divergence: start of new colors can indicate a market divergence and start of new trend.
  • Risk: be aware about unusual maps formats since they can indicate risk market scenarios.
  • Cycles: usual maps formats can indicate cycle market scenarios.
  • Scenarios: pattern maps formats can indicate usual market scenarios.
  • Correlations: pattern maps formats between two instruments can indicate pair trading opportunities.
  • Combinations: up and down trend colors combination (new color) can indicate lateral market or trend changing to lateral. 
  • Support and Resistence: white areas (no color) can indicate weak to strong support and resistance areas.

Indicator Setup

You can use this indicator for any MT5 instrument and/or timeframe, and create a personal setup for these input parameters:

  • Period: main indicator analysis period (default: 120)
  • Up Trend Color Map: choose your preferred color for up trend maps
  • Down Trend Color Map:  choose your preferred color for down trend maps

About the Author

This indicator was invented and designed by Rogerio Figurelli, a quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions data scientist and researcher. 

About Trajecta

Trajecta delivers quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions to global investors, always looking for a level of innovation and return that no other quantitative system can match (complete list of Trajecta Labs market and signal products). 

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