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News Trading MT V4 Free

This product helps to trade news in a fast and efficient way.

Try FULL version of this product at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38980 which has no limitations. This Free Version limitations are:

1. You can trade only Positve an negative news of USD and GBP only.

2, The Pairing currency limitations are AUD and CAD only.

There are 4 columns in the order,  Lot - Pair - "-VE" - "+VE"  .

For Example, Suppose we are trading a USD Positive News. Before or immediately after the news, we should select the pairing currencies from the second column. The selected currencies color will change. On Left to them, you can assign corresponding lotsizes to be traded. If the USD news is positive, then click "USD+" button.

If we select EUR and GBP as pairing currencies, 2 sell orders will be placed with single click. One on EURUSD and the other on GBPUSD. Similarly, you can trade other high impact currency news.

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