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This Expert Advisor participates in the Automated Trading Championship 2012 (quantatrading). It runs on the EURUSD 15-minute chart. It follows strong trends.

Settings Description
varLots=2.00000000 The default setting for varLots is very aggressive resulting in a potential about 30% drawdown. To minimize drawdown, adjust varLots to 1 or lower. When setting the value to 1, the drawdown is reduced to about 15%.
varStopLossPips=15 This setting controls the Stop Loss in pips for every trade.
varTakeProfitPips=80 This setting controls the profit target in pips for every trade.
varTrendStrengthRatio=3.50000000 This setting controls the minimum strength of a trend before an entry can be made.
varBarCount=20 This setting controls how many bars to consider.
InpPoint=0.00001000 This setting should be left alone for brokers offering fractional pips. Otherwise, it should be set to 0.0001.
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