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Lion VJP

We have been looking for the opportunity to carry out grid trading without martingale for a long time and we have found a way that copes with its task. The EA builds a grid of orders without increasing the lot, which allows the robot to avoid large drawdowns! At startup, the robot analyzes the market and opens the first order by mathematical calculations. In case of loss, the grid is based on the principle of opening positions in the direction against the price movement, and if the price turned around, the EA adds orders in the direction of the trend, which increases the chances of a quick exit in profit.

Below on the screenshot You can see the test results for the GBPUSD pair from 2000 to 2018 (17 years). The EA does not trade on news and does not need fast order execution speed. The robot's got a stable, long-term trading! Given this - the strategy tester shows a fairly close to reality picture.

We recommend the pair GBPUSD, H1, leverage from 1:500.

EA settings

We did not make an expert Advisor with a lot of obscure options! We have only a few of the most basic settings. You can immediately put the EA on a pair without setting anything as all the options for proper trading are already set by default.

  • Auto Lot - the lot is calculated automatically. Here you can enter the amount for 0.01 lot;
  • Lot - fixed lot of orders;
  • Step - grid step;
  • Take Profit - take profit in the Deposit currency;
  • Turbo Profit - the profit is increasing with the drawdown of;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in the Deposit currency;
  • Magic Number - magic number;
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