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Wars Trading Station

Expert is designed as a war room tool to trade multi-currency manually. Trade can send hundreds orders with fewer setting parameters. 

Expert using grids strategy. Trader set strategy bull or bear or swing for each pairs. Trader set trade switch into "on" or "off", when pair's switch is "on" expert is starting to create grids orders as per specification set.

Trader can change pair with in single panel and set it's parameter to all pairs having in the current account.

Switch "on" switch "off", each pair to trade or not-trade. Set strategy "bull", strategy "bear" ,or strategy "swing" is to what side or trending of the pair.

To set stop-loss, take-profit, or float profit/loss is a choice to exit is pair separately..


  • ParametersReadingMode=INPUT_PARAMETERS
There are 2 types of ParametersReadingMode, FILE and INPUT_PARAMETERS. This set up will tell the expert where to initialize all input parameters from. If use INPUT_PARAMETERS, the expert will initialize input parameters into each currency pairs. If use FILE, the expert will initialize all input parameters from its save files, in the case the pair is not find its' file,  the expert will replace pair initialize from input parameters.

  • Magic=553355

When run this expert, it need to set Magic Number, with this all limit orders created will be set this specific number in each order. This Magic Number will be use in others expert process such as, delete pending order, close position.

  • FixedLots=0.01;
  • FixedRisks=0.0;
  • FixedMargin=0.2;
Strategy parameters
  • MultiPairs=false
  • NumberPairsToTrade=0;
  • StrategyType=type_swing;
Order price/ stop and take parameters
  • iGridBatch=5;
  • GridStep=400;
  • TakeLevel  =0;
  • StopLevel  =0;
Float profit/loss parameters
  • TargetEquidityStep =50;
  • LimitEquidityStep   =0;

Expert will use the TagetEquidityStep value for a criteria to take profit, when pair has the total profits reach this value. And also expert will the LimitEquidityStep value for a criteria to stop loss when the pair has total loss reach this value.

In any time if expert found that pair has balance long and shot with profit, expert will exit all order to lock profit.

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