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Levy Flight Price Action

Traders often face a serious psychological issue: pain of regret when they take profit too early, look back and think "I should have not taken the profit so early".

Levy Flight Price Action EA (LVPA) is created to solve this issue.

LVPA is based on a market statistically proven rule: Market price does not follow normal distribution. Instead it follows a Levy Flight distribution, which means price has a tendency to make extremely large move within a short period of time. 

LVPA is a high reward to risk Expert Advisor

  • First, it attempts to find a low risk entry that has the highest probability of price moving to favor direction immediately from the entry point. So every trade should have low equity drawdown.
  • Second, it has fixed Stop Loss and no Take Profit. Instead it uses multiple types of trailing stop to capture the big market move
  • Third, Trailing Stop and Breakeven function will be moved to the entry point as soon as possible, ensuring a risk-free trade and hopefully can catch hundreds pip trending market

Levy Flight EA is also included in Optimum Price Action EA

Tracking account

Optimum Price Action: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/596201

Levy Flight PA: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/596207


  • Non Martingale, Grid, Hedge or any volume manipulation
  • Is an excellent combination with Mito EA and Stop Hunting EA to diversify portfolio. While Mito and Stop Hunting have fixed Take Profit point, LVPA will let the profit run much longer when the trend is strong
  • EA Setup is investor-friendly. Setup is very simple with One chart setting. Simply attach the EA to EURUSD H1 chart, choose the broker settings and you’re good to go
  • Run well on multiple pairs, multiple timeframes and market conditions
  • High reward to risk trades. Although the stagnation time can be long as the market is sideway 80% of the time, when the market is trending well LVPA will compensate with large win trades.

General parameters

  • All Symbols: true = One Chart Mode, false = trader can attach LVPA to trade preferred pairs
  • Fixed Lot Size/ Lot per Balance / MaxRisk% per trade Money management modes
  • Spreads/ Slippage Filters
  • TradeOneDirectionOnly (useful for FIFO account)
  • GMT Settings: select NY Broker Close / DST Mode (Europe/US) or ManualGMTOffset



Remember to enable these pairs in Market Watch!

Timeframe: H1 and H4

One Chart Setup: Enable these pairs in Market Watch -->  Attach LVPA to EURUSD H1 Chart, All Symbols = True, System Number = 0 , set correct GMT Adjustment settings --> Check Dashboard GMT Adjustment Time should be the same as Alpari MT4/ EET --> When chart candle closed, check MT4 Journal to see all systems loaded


  • Recommended Brokers: New York Close Broker (GMT+2 +3): Alpari, ICMarkets, TickMill, GlobalPrime etc, although other brokers work the same but you have to change GMT Adjustment settings.
  • Minimum balance: 900$ with 0.01 lot size

*Important for Backtesting:

For proper backtest, set All Symbols = False, System_Number = 0. Backtest Timeframe H1 only ( as the systems use H1 and H4 TF to trade), preferably to test in Every Tick

Change GMT Adjustment settings so GMT Adjustment Time is the same with Alpari MT4 or European Eastern Time (EET). The easiest way is to use a NY Close Broker (Alpari, ICMarkets etc.) then select appropriate DST settings ( Europe/US).

EA only acts when H1 Candle closes so Open Price testing is similar to Every Tick testing

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Version 5.0 2019.10.28
Integrated proprietary Trade Matching Algorithm: Improved statistical reliability between backtest and real trading
Improved portfolio balance
Improved stability
Robustness check
Improved user customizability: custom pairs, custom timeframes
Fixed DST settings
Auto suffix/prefix recognition
Fix some small bugs
Version 4.4 2019.09.18
Added support for AUDCHF
Version 4.2 2019.07.10
Improved models for some sub-systems
Include XAGUSD and USDSGD systems
Version 2.9 2019.05.26
improve execution function