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Exp Optilan

Exp-Optilan is meant for trading binary options in МТ4 terminals

This is an MT4 Expert Advisor for trading binary options. The EA trades binary options in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Binary options are becoming more and more popular. It is quite a challenging task to find options trading robots on the Internet. However, you can download Optilan Expert Advisor trading Forex options from our website.

The trading robot is developed for trading binary options. It does not work on common currency pairs.

It works with all MetaTrader 4 brokers that provide the ability to open options using the command "Open Order - F9"

Brief History

  • The Expert Advisor works only with option accounts.
  • Mathematical calculation of a previous candle is used as a signal for the further deal direction.
  • The Expert Advisor works only in multicurrency mode. The Expert Advisor opens up to 9 currency pairs from a single chart.
  • If a previous deal was loss-making, while the current total profit from the latest deals exceeds 0, Martingale is not used.

Operation Principle

  • The product works on 9 currency pairs
  • Timeframe does not matter.
  • Deal direction is calculated by the previous candle
  • If previous deals close with losses, the next series of deals will increase according to Martingale principle per each separate currency pair
  • Deals are opened/closed each 30 minutes
  • The full trading information for the entire account history is displayed on the chart by this magic number

Trading Type

  • Options


  • Test the trading robot on your broker's demo account before applying it to a real one.
  • This is a multicurrency Expert Advisor. You may apply it to a single EURUSD_OP currency pair and specify other necessary pairs in the settings.
  • Do not apply the trading robot together with other Expert Advisors.
  • The author is not liable for misuse of the product, for the product copies downloaded from pirate websites, as well as for the decompiled, changed or hacked ones.
  • The Expert Advisor is used only as an assistant. It has no artificial intelligence and cannot be used without trader's intervention.

Recommended Lot

  • Recommended lot – $1
  • Recommended deposit – $500 on 5 currency pairs

System settings

Trade Settings

  • Magic - magic number
  • MinuteCloseOption - deal's lifetime in minutes
  • CommentToOrdersBO - comment to the opened option, intended for brokers that require a custom comment to be specified
  • BarToSignal - the number of candles in the same direction to open an option
  • PeriodToCheckSignal - signals check period
  • REVERSE - strategy signal reverse
  • autolot - lot settings
  • Lots - fixed lot
  • Martin - martingale ratio for the deal following the losing one (not used if set to 1)
  • PercentProfit - percentage value gained from the profitable deal for calculating the profit

Set symbols for trading

  • Symbol_1 - Symbol_9 - symbol name

Stochastic Settings

  • shift - shift value
  • Stoch1TF - Stochastic signal timeframe 1; if -1, Stochastic is not involved in a transaction. The deal is opened the previous way
  • Stoch2TF - Stochastic filter timeframe 2; if -1, Stochastic is not involved in a transaction
  • SellLevel - crossing and filter level for sell deals
  • BUYLevel - crossing and filter level for buy deals
  • Kperiod1 - K line period
  • Dperiod1 - D line period
  • slowing1 - slowing
  • method1 - averaging method
  • price_field1 - price type
  • Kperiod2 - K line period
  • Dperiod2 - D line period
  • slowing2 - slowing
  • method2 - averaging method
  • price_field2 - price type

Averager Settings

  • AverageUSE - use averaging.
  • TimeMinutes - time passed since the last deal (in minutes), after which the averaging deal is opened.
  • Distance - points passed since the last deal, after which the averaging deal is opened (in TimeMinutes minutes).
  • LotsMartin - volume increase for the grid of positions.
  • MaxOrdersOpen - the maximum number of opened orders, 0 - unlimited.

EAPADPRO visualization settings

  • SecondsToRefresh - the number of seconds to refresh the data
  • ShowEAPadPROi - display the EAPADPRO panel
Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.15 18:35 

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2015.01.31 18:08 

Работает только под одного брокера. В открытом коде можно настроить для любого брокера с мт4 и опционами. Спасибо.

Vadim Strelkov
2014.05.06 15:08 

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2014.04.30 09:08 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 17.970 - 2017.11.10
Fixed MaxOrdersMartin error for trading account with the Rouble currency
Version 17.935 - 2017.10.31
- The EA has been updated to work on any broker that supports binary options trading in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
CommentToOrdersBO - added support for custom comments for brokers that require a custom comment.
If CommentToOrdersBO is not empty, then CommentToOrdersBO is added to the comment of every deal.

- Added the MaxOrdersMartin parameter - the maximum number of martingale steps.
MaxOrdersMartin = 0 - martingale works with no restrictions.

- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/687140
Version 16.224 - 2016.03.01
The Expert Advisor has been updated to work with any currency pairs for binary options.
Warning! This Expert Advisor is designed only for binary options with expiry time set in minutes.
Version 15.223 - 2015.02.24
Compiled for the new terminal build.
Version 14.507 - 2014.05.16
Improved operation in the multicurrency mode.
When the EA is trading several pairs on one chart, during lot and martingale calculation, the total profit of the previously closed group is calculated. If the total profit of the whole group of orders set in the parameters is greater than 0, the martingale is not applied.