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EAlionKing Expert Advisor works on three currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. Lots are set manually in Lots parameter. Optimize this parameter. The EA is based on filtered MACD to trigger the BUY or SELL signals. Open positions are closed by Take Profit, Stop Loss or according to opposite signals. 

The maximum value of Lots parameter is 500 and the minimum one is 0.01. 

Please see the screenshots for more details.

Input Parameters:

  • str_EURUSD - EURUSD currency pair;
  • str_GBPUSD - GBPUSD currency pair;
  • str_USDJPY - USDJPY currency pair;
  • Lots - lot size;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in pips;
  • TrailingStop Level - Trailing Stop level in pips;
  • MACD open level - MACD open level in pips;
  • MACD close level - MACD close level in pips;
  • MA trend period - MA trend period. 

The Expert Advisor can be only attached to M1 timeframe.

  1. Testing period: from 2011.01.01 to 2011.12.31.
  2. Testing period: from 2012.01.01 to 2012.12.31.
  3. Testing period: from 2013.01.01 to 2014.03.26.
Nelson Reis
Nelson Reis 2014.04.22 11:23 

Works well in backtest only. In demo account it's a shame. There's no support. Don't waste your money.

Gerson Castro
Gerson Castro 2014.04.02 15:12 

EA makes profit in BACKTEST on demo account gives injury, did not dare to test in REAL also depends on the seller improve EA. I will wait.