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The Expert Advisor will be useful for traders using order grid! The product displays the following data: 

  • Point price for a specified lot;
  • Swaps (buy/sell);
  • Spread;
  • Margin required to open a specified lot;
  • Stop Out level;
  • Minimum/maximum lot;
  • Amount of open lots and the necessary margin;
  • Target values of open and limit/stop orders;
  • Break-even point considering all market orders.

Expert Advisor's functionality:

  • Modifying take profit for all open orders at once (BUY and SELL orders are processed separately);
  • Closing all orders by clicking a single button;
  • Deleting all pending orders if no market ones remain (stop loss or take profit has been triggered);
  • Displaying a break-even point (BEP) considering swaps, commissions and spread on the chart.

The screenshot displaying the Expert Advisor's operation can be found here.

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