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WeekEnd MT5

This utility allows you to close the open positions in the terminal leaving no positions on hold for the weekend. It automatically closes all selected positions in a few minutes (that you can choose) before the close of Forex market for a weekend.

Types of positions to choose from:
  • All positions
  • Only positions with profits
  • Only positions with losses

Pending orders will not be deleted, so you can take advantage of the trend generated by any news during the weekend.

It also reports on the current state of the Forex market: Open or Closed and the time remaining for closing or opening. Calculate the exact time considering changes in summer and winter time.

You can launch the product on any chart as an Expert Adviser. Make sure your PC's time and time zone are correct.

Micaela Suter
2016.07.07 23:27 

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Version 2.10 - 2014.04.16
Recompile with last MetaEditor.
Version 2.0 - 2014.04.10
- Enhanced method of closure of Dialog.
- Default time changed to one minute.
- Translated the remaining time message.
- Changed the order of the languages ​​alphabetically.