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Enzo MT5

ENZO is a fully automated expert Advisor using an advanced search and breakdown mechanism for local extrema.

The system does Not use the Grid, does Not use martingale and other risky strategies. All trades are protected by StopLoss !

ENZO was tested for the 10-year period (2009 to 2019) on REAL tick data with REAL floating spread, with Commission and Slippages !

Each trade is protected by StopLoss, each trade has built-in protection against large spreads and slippages.

Real Trading: www.myfxbook.com/members/samikov/enzo-real/3235803

The standard settings are optimized for EURUSD M15 with GMT=0

The trading system uses 3 currency pairs at the same time ! (EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD M15)

I will always help you with the best settings and recommendations, be sure to contact me !


  • Before using the EA on a real account, test it with minimal risk or on a demo account;
  • Use VPS server;
  • Low spreads + low commissions + quality execution;
  • Broker with minimum Stop Loss level 0 pips
  • Standard settings are optimized for EURUSD M15

The settings of the program, their detailed description

  • Maximum Take Profit - maximum take profit for a trade 
  • Fixed StopLoss - fixed stop loss
  • Enable Virtual StopLoss - enable / disable virtual stop loss
  • Max Slippage - the maximum slippage for the trade
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed trade size (activated if Risk=0)
  • First Filter - the first filter to select the channel to buy
  • Secondary Filter - second filter for channel selection for sale
  • Shift for Buy Orders - price shift for buy orders
  • Shift for Sell Orders - price shift for sell orders
  • Maximum spread for trading - the maximum level of spread for the broker
  • Floating Profit - enable / disable floating profit and breakeven
  • First profit for the deal - required profit to enable the transfer mode to breakeven
  • Minimum fixed profit - the minimum profit is fixed for the transaction
  • Enable Trailing Profit - enable trailing stop
  • Profit for the trailing - minimum profit to activate trailing stop
  • GMT - server time zone
  • Start trading on Monday ( GMT + 0) - start on Monday
  • End trading on Friday ( GMT+0) - end of Fri
  • Start trading ( GMT+0) - daily start of trading
  • End trading ( GMT+0) - daily end of trading
  • Magic - magic number
  • ShowPanel - show info panel

Joe Mastro
Joe Mastro 2019.04.14 13:47 

Great Product, large returns, low risk, fantastic customer service,

Big future in this system....

30148880 2019.04.09 08:13 

Teste die Software seid ein paar Tagen und bin sehr zufrieden. Der Entwickler ist immer in kürzester Zeit erreichbar und unterstützt zu jederzeit.

( I´m testing the Software since a few days and I´m very happy with it. The Developer is always availible and also supporting everytime)

Chris Wilpert
Chris Wilpert 2019.03.29 19:03 

Tested the EA for less than 2 weeks and have 6% Profit (https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/555690 - REAL Account). For now, I am very happy with EA and hope we continue the journey. The Author is very helpful and answers questions in a timely manner. I will continue to trade EUR/USD only and use RISK = 10. Test the EA on 3 different Accounts with different VPS/Broker Setups. Would work on non-ECN accounts as well. Still observing and compare results. I will update this review regularly.

Version 5.11 2019.04.10
Added additional settings to optimize ENZO
Added work with StopLevel=1
Added standard settings for EURUSD M15
Version 4.45 2019.04.03
Added additional protection from the Huge slippage broker.
Added check for the presence of StopLevel and FreezeLevel at a bad broker
Version 4.17 2019.03.28
Fixed issues with calculating GMT.
Added new settings.
Version 4.15 2019.03.24
Speed up the testing system
Added new settings for EURUSD M15
Version 3.17 2019.03.16
Fixed bug with parameters display