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Assassin Scalper

Assassin Scalper is 100% automated EA with no use of martingale, grid and arbitrage etc.

The robot analyzes the market volumes and volatility, follows strong supply and demand movements placing buy/sell stop order on retracement then gap of cross. 


  1. The EA has been optimized for major pair with M1 TimeFrame
  2. Broker with a minimum StopLoss level of 0 pips
  3. To get the same result as I get, you should use ECN brokers that offer low spreads
  4. For successful robot operation, it is important to use VPS server that is located in the same location of your broker's server(low ms)
  5. Brokers that offer low commissions will significantly increase your profit
  6. The minimum deposit is 100 USD

You can decrease the Drawdown by decreasing the Risk parameter.


It's very important to have a low ping with the broker server, Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPS server which is located in the same location of your broker's server.


  • Magic : magic number
  • Lot: Fixed lot (0 disabled) 
  • Risk:automated lot calculation (0 disabled)
  • Slippage: Slippage used in Order
  • Max_spread: Max spread to open orde
  • Stoploss : Stop loss in points
  • TakeProfit : Take profit in points
  • Factor 1: Entry coefficient distance
  • Factor 2: Entry coefficient step
  • Factor 3: Exit coefficient value
  • Factor 4: Average coefficient indicators periods
  • Factor 5: Average coefficient indicators price
  • Order Comment: your personal comment in orders (your broker can see it)
  • Trailing_Start: Trailing start value in point, if distance between current price and open price is bigger than Trailing start, Ea set trailing stop
  • Trailing_Stop: Trailing stop in point
  • Trailing_Step: Trailing step in point

Before using a real account, try the consultant with minimal risk or a demo account

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2019.03.22 19:44   

Working well only on GU & GY will update in 3 weeks

Sven Ader
Sven Ader 2019.03.21 17:51   

For me, the Robot produces more loss then Profit. I stoped using this EA.

Piet Schultz
Piet Schultz 2019.03.19 19:25   

I wanted to lose something here I also bought this robot unfortunately very disappointed the last thing I think is that this site where these young people make these robots and dump it just allow people to be scammed is a great pity

Boris Ivanov
Boris Ivanov 2019.03.19 09:57   

Все кто оставил отзывы об этом роботе, Вы собираетесь платить за него и торговать на демо счетах? Я его арендую и говорю что на этом же брокере с минимальным пингом на сервере советник на реальном счёте не открывает торговлю а у продавца были открыты и закрыты в прибыль уже несколько сделок. На данный момент это не больше как тестерный грааль, пусть продавец откроет реальный сигнал... Через несколько дней я опубликую ещё отзыв с результатами ( если они будут)

Jianfeng Yang
Jianfeng Yang 2019.03.19 08:52 

先行一步 时间关注中

one step ahead Time Concern

Changgui Leng
Changgui Leng 2019.03.19 04:10 


Can you publish parameter settings?

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