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Alligator Agressive 500

FOREX Alligator Robot

EA ALLIGATOR was developed to achieve specific and highly accurate goals, which is key to guaranteeing significant returns in the world Forex market, works only in the EURUSD currency pair, and only in the time frame 15m It runs in the year 2016 onwards only. Be a predator in the most hostile market in the world.

IMPORTANT -  - Outside of this scenario it breaks your account.

Our team has taken care to optimize your Forex market experience to the maximum, creating a pattern of income according to your profile and initial investment value, you choose how much you want to invest and we deliver a perfect Alligator Robot for you. We separate the Robot Alligator into 3 types of Investor Profiles: CONSERVATIVE, MODERATE and AGGRESSIVE Each profile will reach an average monthly income accompanied by a Draw Down corresponding to the risk, the profit goes hand in hand with the risk, remember that.


The strategy is based on the indicators BOLLINGER BANDS and ALLIGATOR, opens 1 (one) operation at a time, works on standard accounts with leverage of 1:500 and time frame 15m.

IMPORTANT- Never operate the Alligator Robot outside the habitat in which it has been trained and tested.

Rôbo Alligator releases only the lots to be changed.

  • Only in the Brokerage ICMARKETS.
  • Initial deposit as directed (Very important to respect the opening balance)
  • MetaTrader5 account.
  • Standard Type.
  • Currency USD.
  • Leverage 1: 500
  • Time Frame 15m
  • It runs in the year 2016 onwards only.

All our Robots have links in mql5 with history, follow below link:

IMPORTANT - Never operate the Alligator Robot outside the habitat in which it has been trained and tested.

PedroDonnadio 2019.03.22 19:07 

I liked the performance, in the CONSERVATIVE and MODERATE account you can sleep peacefully with it with redemptions of 20% a month.

I created an aggressive account with him, this month of March is going through some consecutive losses, but nothing out of the expected. Congratulations to the whole team, I hope Robot continues like this !!!

Version 2.15 2019.03.21
We add limit of 4 consecutive losses, it does not open more operation with the same order, awaits an opening opportunity to counter order the previous losses. In the tests performed it was 20% more effective.
Version 2.14 2019.03.14
We release the edition of the lots and add indicatives in the description which lot size should be used for each balance.