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This EA is for GBPJPY.

This EA is using MACD and RSI.

The input parameters are optimized for M15.

It is recommended for use in securities companies offering small spread.


  • FUNDA - buying and selling if "0", buying only if "1" and selling only if "-1".
  • magic - set magic number.
  • lots - set the number of lots. 0.1 means ten thousand currency.
  • maxCnt - set the maximum number of position.
  • profitPips - set profit in pips.
  • losscutPips - set losscut in pips. In some cases to be closed by the internal logic.
  • BreakEven - set lowest profit in pips.
  • TrailingStop - set trailing in pips.
  • CountDownMode - set 0 if the instant execution mode is used for the symbol, or set 1 if the market execution is used.
  • TestGMTOffset - if you want to back test, please set the GMTOffset of server.
Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.27 06:07 

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Version 3.0 - 2015.04.01
Added D1 candle analysis to the entry conditions.