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The Zoom indicator allows you to see the price behavior inside a selected bar. By moving a vertical line on the indicator chart, the selected bar will be displayed as a rectangle on lower time frame charts of the same symbol.

For example, you can add the Zoom indicator to the daily chart. In external parameters, you can only set the color of the vertical line (Line Color) and the color of the rectangle (Area Color). The second chart window must be open on a lower time frame. It can be any time frame available in the terminal which, in our case, should be smaller than the daily time frame. Then, when moving the vertical line, the lower time frame window will show the rectangle indicating the bar area that corresponds to the bar where the vertical line is located on the indicator chart.

You can open several chart windows on the time frames that are lower than the chart time frame on which the indicator is running. 

You can find the description of the Zoom indicator in my blog.

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