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CashTest for YeZhuTrendTrade MT4

Trend trading requires a certain capital threshold, and this EA is used to test the minimum capital required to run trend trading.MT5 version here.

how to calculate:

for example,the total cash is TC,the current price is A,we buy minimum vol V,the fluctuation is  ATR(global_atr_period)*global_loss_imebut = F,and the price go down after we buy,now is A-F,now the loss is TC*global_risk.the TC is what we want to calculate.

operator steps:

1.be sure to show the symbols in MT's GUI symbol list(important,or the EA run error for cannot load the iATR)

2.input the symbols via parameter:global_tar_symbols,split with "," for example:XBRUSD,XNGUSD,XTIUSD

3.attach to a chart,the time period is some as the chart,then you'll see the output like follow:

BTCUSD min vol:0.010 ATR*attr:401.1714 max loss:401.171 min cash:26744.762

test peroid:PERIOD_D1 risk:1.50% ave_cash:4000.83

symbol sort:  27857.14  15310.48  11954.29  8666.10  7205.71  7161.02  6887.62  3194.29  3051.52  2908.57

Input Parameters:

global_tar_symbols:string,the symbols which need test,split by "," for example:XBRUSD,XNGUSD,XTIUSD

Note:be sure to show the test symbols in MT's GUI symbol list.

global_atr_period:ATR period,default 14

global_loss_ime:ATR multiplier,default 4.0

global_risk:risk,default 0.015

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