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CORE369 Trap Trading

CORE369 allows you to overcome the wave of market price movements usually occurring after strong trends when prices move sideways and then continue their advancement in the trend direction.

While trading, we never know exactly where the price will move. Will it trend or move sideways? CORE369 tracks the price movement.

  • The Expert Advisor chooses the right time to enter and exit the market every hour.
  • Entry signal uses PIVOT indication in 4 Hours to Swing Trade at every hour.
  • Overbought and Oversold filters are used to avoid the threshold BUY or SELL.
  • When the price reverses direction, the system will perform the following manoeuvres:
    • Scenario 1: Suppose that we have a position of 1 Lot BUY, which does not reach the Take Profit and price goes down. The trading robot will open a BUY position of maximum 2 levels down, and when prices go up and averaging brings profit, all positions are closed.
    • Scenario 2: If the drawdown continues below the third BUY position, the system will open 2 lots SELL position 3 levels down and if the price continues to fall and the total of all position becomes profitable, then all positions are closed.
    • Scenario 3: If the profit is not achieved, and the price reverses to the upside above the top BUY position, then the system will add 1 Lot BUY position. When the price goes up - 2 Lot BUY and the last 6 Lot BUY positions are opened. If the total result of all the positions becomes profitable, then all positions are closed.
    • When 6 Lot BUY is opened, the system secures with 6 Lot SELLSTOP.
    • See screenshots and the visual test on the video.
For $1 000 of equity, you may start trading using 0.01 with micro lot account.

Happy Trading and Great Harvest!

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Version 2.0 - 2014.06.19
CORE369PRO professional version that can trade on all instruments by doing settings on external parameters are as follows:
MagicMaster = 100, can be changed to all numbers for handling trading positions.
ShowPivotOnScreen = TRUE/FALSE, will show horizontal lines PIVOT on chart
BUYSELL TradeOnly = "BUYSELL"/"BUY"/" SELL", direction allow to opening position
TwoWayTrade = TRUE/FALSE; open position with a different direction together
BreakOut = TRUE/FALSE; BreakOut PIVOT or Swing Trade at PIVOT
MinBarLength = 800; the length of the BAR defining PIVOT
MinBarTime = 55; Time Entry while PIVOT formed
tfPIVOT = 240, Time Frame PIVOT
NextMinuteToOpen = 15;Minutes allowed after the last position close
AveragingRange = 400; Opening distance Averaging
HedgingRange = 1300; Opening distance Hedging
SecurePips=150; set single first take profit
GrabPips1=150; set take profit after 1st averaging
GrabPips2=130; set take profit after 2nd averaging
GrabALL_Dollar=2; set grab take profit after hedging in value
GrabLossKey=TRUE/FALSE; Close All Position when full hedging