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Get this multi-currency indicator-based Expert Advisor with protection against losses and built-in MM for $99 only!

Undeniable Advantages of the Trading System:

  • New reduced price! Only $99!
  • Market entry using unique highly-accurate indicators built in the code of the Expert Advisor (90% of trades are closed with a single order).
  • Exit by total profit.
  • Protection from deposit wipe-out. The EA stops trading at a certain drawdown level specified in percent of deposit or deposit currency.
  • Built-in Money Management (ММ). Initial lot: fixed or expressed as percent of deposit.
  • Operation time of the Expert Advisor is set in the settings.
  • Ability to set the coefficient of lot increase for a series of orders (if set to 1.0, the system will work as a "Grid"). 
  • Variable step for opening new orders (this value determines profitability of the automated trading system). 
  • Flexible settings.

Additional Information:

  • Broker (Dealing Center): any.
  • Trading terminal: MetaTrader 4 (works both on the old build and on the most recent one).
  • Minimum deposit:
    • Dollar account: from $100.
    • Cent account: from $10. 
  • Recommended currency pair: any (with minimum spread).
  • Time frame: Н1.
  • Minimum lot: 0.01.
  • Leverage: 1:100 or higher.
  • It is advisable to use the trading terminal on a VPS. To ensure stable operation, the Expert Advisor should be running 24/5.
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Version 1.93 - 2015.08.12
The EA's settings are changed! These are correct settings for 5 digit quotes! Do not change them!
For 4 digit quotes, decrease take profit and pip step 10 times. Set take profit to 5-25 points, pip step - to 50-150 (for 4 digit quotes!)