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Dream Indicator

The indicator is based on the digital window-sinc filter with an excellent frequency division. Due to this property you can get a very smooth indicator line.

The indicator has three lines: the central line indicates the main trend direction and the "fair" price, the other two lines show the price range. When the central line is read, it is recommended to buy from the bottom line and close a position above the central line. When the line is blue, do the opposite - sell from the upper line and close a position below the central line.

The indicator settings:

  • Window - number of bars for displaying
  • Period - indicator period
  • Standard deviation - regulates the distance between the central and border lines
2017.01.05 11:13 

This indicator works perfect backtesting, but is for no use to live trading! Don't buy it!

Nicolas Max Pierre Namy
2015.01.30 17:04 

I hope my low income increase I can Finally have a true Break and enjoy living with the girl I love so much