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"ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" - Trade like a Pro SNIPER.

The best EA for anyone who loves the ACCURACY, PATIENCE, PERFECTION.

The EA works like a sniper who hidden and waits until the best chance coming. So that, it only places about one order per month on average.

While waiting, it takes time to analyze the market to find a unique pattern with the highest win rate (you can see it takes time in the backtesting).

- This EA isn't suited for people who want to trade a lot of orders per day, trade every day, trade every week.

- It focuses on the ACCURACY, the secret unique pattern with the highest win rate which only happens about one-time per month.

- Remember: No trade doesn't mean your loss of money, it means you get money from preventing the loss of money.


Profit factor: Very high with backtest data 8 years.

- Only have one order at a time
- Always place orders with Take profit and Stop loss price
- Always follow the trend.

Satisfaction guarantee: You can backtest it as long as you can before buying decision.


Symbol: EURUSD (specialize on EURUSD)

Timeframe: H1

Lot: Amount for a new position. See below:





< 1: Safe, 1 - 2: Medium, 2-4: High risk, >4: Not recommended

< 0.1: Safe, 0.1 - 0.2: Medium, 0.2 - 0.4: High risk, >0.4, >0.4: Not recommended

< 0.01: Safe, 0.01 - 0.02: Medium, 0.02 - 0.04: High risk, >0.04: Not recommended

Other parameters: Let them as default if you don't know.

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Version 10.1 2018.12.28
Improve the "Inputs" parameter interface.