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SN Gera MT4

The EA is based on a signal based on a group of indicators from different periods from M5 to H1. For the user, the EA setting is minimized. It has a built-in mechanism for calculating the risk of the size of StopLoss. The EA is set to work on EURUSD. 

The working period of 5 minutes, but also when taking into account the signals are analyzed older periods M30, H1.

The EA does not use dangerous strategies: scalping, martingale and does not build order grids. In the market from 1 to 5 positions.

Settings :

comment - comment for orders
Magic - Magic number of the EA's orders
Time-trading time in HH:MM-HH:MM format, for example: 13: 45-23: 45
slippage - slippage in standard points
Maximum Spread (points)- filter the maximum spread in standard points (0-off)
Risk ( % ) - percentage of the Deposit to calculate the risk for 1 position. (the SL parameter must be greater than 0)
TP (points) - Take Profit in standard points
SL (points) - Stop Loss in standard points
Maximum Open Orders - maximum number of open orders
RSI level Sell-RSI signal filter for sale (overbought zone)
Level RSI Buy filter RSI signal to buy (oversold)
Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra 2018.12.12 14:12 

Waiting to do a complete review, so far, in 5 days only 1 trade.