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Market Info and Sessions Lite

MIS (Market Info & Sessions) indicator is an effective tool designed for professional traders in financial markets. Shows you essential information about the market every second. It also draws round numbers and pivot point levels for you with a very user friendly interface in MetaTrader environment.

Panel movement and management is really user friendly and nearly every aspect of the indicator can be customized.

This indicator is optimized for Standard | HD/FULL HD | 4K/UHD displays.

Options and different capabilities of this indicator is shown in the video.

'MIS User Guide' can be freely downloaded in the youtube site below the video.

 The video and user guide is for MIS PRO version, so it encompasses all the capabilities of MIS Lite.

Please let me know about the features you like & I 'll add them in the next version.

Best Regards,

Soheil Kord.

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2018.12.03 15:49 

good job my friend

thank you

Version 1.10 2018.12.13
Minor fix for showing data on FULL HD/UHD/4K charts, "Data On Chart" section.