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Trader AC

Trader AC works using the combination of Bill Williams' indicators. The Expert Advisor trades exclusively gold using Н4 timeframe. I recommend that you use a VPS server for stable operation. The trading robot has the minimum set of customizable parameters greatly simplifying the work. I use default settings on my real account (Alpari). If you use several Expert Advisors simultaneously, it would be better to decrease the risk to 0.5% of the deposit per deal (Progressive_Lot = 0.5). I also strongly recommend that you disable the Expert Advisor for January.

I wish you successful trading and big profits! 

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Version 2.0 - 2014.04.08
1. Added false signal filter (LossAm) allowing the Expert Advisor to be applied not only to gold but also to some currency pairs.
2. Added the function for limiting maximum losses (Max_Loss). Actually, this is a maximum drawdown displayed in percentage of the deposit, after which the lot is decreased by LowRatio value.