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Hedging Wizard

WARNING : Hedging is a risky method of trading ( Yet exciting ) and maybe not suitable for anyone, require big deposits and encounter big DD, Please understand the risks of Hedging before getting started. If you don't like Hedging, Please don't try this EA

The Signal >> Old ( 2018-2019 ) Here 

>> New ( 2020 )  Here


  • Hedging Wizard is a revolutionary EA adapt Hedging technique with complex algorithm in a way making this strategy almost always wins
  • Original trade is opened upon accurate entry conditions to scalp few pips, if that trade goes in the opposite direction, another trade is opened but along with the new direction of the price with larger lot size so quickly used the new direction not only recover the floating loss of previous trade but also to get the original TP

  • The Price is trapped in a channel of trades so whatever direction the price moves to , you simply win 

  • What makes Hedging Wizard unique from other Hedging EAs are :
    1. Accurate entry points most of the time closed from the first trade without any Hedging
    2. Extensive Research and Testing For all Pairs in the Market to get the best pairs suitable for Hedging and all of that publicly available in the full guide
    3. All Parameters are in currency not in pips to provide a more practical and unique way for Hedging with hundreds of back and forward testing to find the best numbers

  • To Know the best pairs for the strategy, Steps to install, Best settings and to know how to use the EA please access the guide from HERE
    - The Minimum allowed deposit is 1000 USD
    - The Minimum Recommended deposit is 2000 USD

This EA is never meant to double your Deposit in a month , But it follows a strategy of " Slow and Steady " to finally give you some relaxation while investing your money, Although it may looks risky as that's Hedging but This EA has very strict safety measures and everything starting from the Entry Strategy till The Recommended pairs were selected very carefully upon Hundreds of Tests to make you very Safe and Secured


  • Magic Number : All pairs can have the same magic number
  • TakeProfit : (In Currency)
  • StopLoss: ( Don't make this 0 it will make the trades closed immediately ) (In Currency)
  • Lot: for the first trade
  • Multiplier: This number will be multiplied by the previous lot size
  • Gap : After How many pips the first hedging trade should be opened (for the first trade) (In Currency)
  • MaxTrades :  including the first trade , Max = 13
  • Max Original Trades: The number of the first trades for whole account
  • Time Start :(24 hours format) (Server Time) 
  • Time Stop: (24 hours format) (Server Time)
  • Max Spread:

Matavin 2019.12.17 12:54 

Works very well and have used it for a nano account with no issue. So you can open an account with $200 and use the same risk ratio as if it was $2000 account and earn. Just remember to divide the settings set by 10.

dieter112 2019.08.16 04:28 

This EA is great! Small but reliable wins. No losses at all until now. And Mohammed always gives fast and helpful support as I know him since I bought other EAs from him before.

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2019.03.05 14:49 


Qosmio 2018.12.05 06:00 

Surely a profitable EA just set and forget and surely you will feel happy. Simple straightforward, what else do you need?! support is really second to none.

Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2018.12.04 22:34 

Great backtests! I will test the EA live now. The EA is very well programmed and Mohamed is the nicest author ever! I also use Slice of Heaven and Abra Kadabra Pro from him. Both are also fantastic EA, which are incredibly profitable! Thank you Mohamed for your great work and your generosity!

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.12.04 11:10 

Estrategia correcta para los pares audusd, audjpy, cadjpy, gbpnzd en m5, rentabilidad garantizada con una baja reducción (dd). Teniendo en cuenta que la reducción es muy baja se puede elevar un poco el riesgo sin ningún problema.

La verdad es que soy un fan de los productos de este autor porque tienen dos características que llaman mucho la atención: rentabilidad y baja reducción. Lo cierto es que sigo usando "Slice of Heaven" y "Abra Kadabra Pro" y ahora también "Hedging Wizard". El autor sabe lo que hace y es un auténtico mago.

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