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VirtualTradePad PositionsStyle

VirtualTradePad "Positions style"

VirtualTradePad - control panel for managing МetaТrader 5 main orders: buy, sell, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, close, delete, modify, trailing stop.

This version has been designed for trading via BUY and SELL orders, as well as using additional functions, such as: Stop Loss modification, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Position reverse, Position closing.

The panel belongs to VirtualTradePad series, which took a second place in "Best Graphic Panel" contest.

Free demo version - VirtualTradePad Lite

This version allows you to work with market positions.

  • Lots - lots managing object. When pressing "+-", lots will be increased by the minimum available lot on the server. A lot cannot drop below the minimum allowable lot on the server;
  • BUY - opening a buy position (Ask price above);
  • SELL - opening a sell position (Bid price above);
  • REVERSE - position reverse function. Positions are reversed having 0 stop levels;
  • CLOSE - entire position is closed;
  • Takeprofit/Stoploss - selecting Take Profit and Stop Loss for a position. When pressing "+-", Take Profit/Stop Loss will be increased by 1 point. Take Profit/Stop Loss cannot drop below 0 or the minimum allowable value on the server. When pressing "+", Take Profit value will change from zero to the minimum allowable value on the server. If Take Profit/Stop Loss = 0, its value is shown in red. If Take Profit/Stop Loss is not equal to 0, its value is shown in green;
  • MODIFY - urgent position modification with specified Take Profit/Stop Loss. Also, stop levels can be reset to 0 or changed;
  • Trailing stop - selecting trailing stop;
  • ON - enabling Trailing Stop. Enabled for the current selected pair. Press OFF to disable. Trailing Stop level is determined by Stop Loss parameter.

 Other features:

  • In case of a correct position opening, the audio signal similar to the terminal one will be activated;
  • If an error occurs, the error sound will be activated;
  • You cannot set a stop level below the minimum allowed on the server or 0;
  • Arrows on BUY and SELL buttons indicate buy\sell prices change respectively;
  • Currency pair name, open position volume, as well as total profit gained at that currency are displayed.
  • The pane can be moved on the chart. Click on the upper part of it near the Close and Minimize buttons and drag the pane anywhere on the chart.
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2015.12.24 09:08 

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2012.09.26 07:56 

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