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Bolt EA

Bolt EA is a set-and-forget EA built around an enhanced momentum trading strategy that uses a proprietary algorithm for the selective identification and capture of better trading opportunities arising from momentary volume and price velocity imbalance. The EA uses pending orders, activated at specific time intervals and time-frames to catch the big waves at their infancy, while several in-built safeguard mechanisms ensure low risks of order loss due to spread widening, high slippages and other unfavourable market dynamics.

Bolt EA has been built and rigorously tested with parameters very similar to real trading conditions. Specifically, the Bolt EA was built and successfully stress-tested using last 5 years real tick data and 99.9% modelling quality with realistic $8.2 commission per lot round trip, real variable spreads and realistic slippages (65% chance of slippage at open and close of orders, of which 75% non-favourable).

  • Minimum deposit: $200, Recommended >$1000
  • Broker type: Low spread, fast execution, low commission fast and reliable ECN broker, FIFO and non-FIFO ok.
  • Fast VPS a most.
  • Currency: EA developed for EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD. It should work well with other pairs after relevant tests and optimisation.
  • Time frame: Any, preferably M1.


  • magic: Magic number
  • DynamicLot: If True, lots will be auto-calculated based on RiskPercent
  • RiskPercent: Specify Risk in percent for auto-lot calculation
  • MaxLotSize: Maximum lot size if DynamicLot=true
  • Lots (if DynamicLot == False)
  • DisplayInfo: True, False
  • PeriodicChartCleanup: If true, chart cleans up every 24hrs). Recommended.
  • bgColorOfDisplayInfo: Color for account display background
  • ReverseEntry: If true, entry signals will be reversed.
  • TradeMode (Continous, EveryBar, Every1min, Every5min, Every15min, Every30min, EveryHour): EA will trade by pending orders at specified intervals.   
  • StartTime, GMT+0 
  • StopTime, GMT+0  
  • Clearance, pips
  • TakeProfit, pips
  • StopLoss, pips
  • Parameter 1 ([min. 1, step 1, max. 10])
  • Parameter 2 ([min. 1, step 1, max. 10])
  • MaxSpread, points
  • Parameter 3 ([min. 0, step 1, max. 5])
  • Parameter 4 ([min. 5, step 1, max. 60])

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Version 1.1 2018.11.11
Improved account info display on screen.