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Mesa EA

MESA EA features a special algorithm for safer trading within martingale environment.

It detects the tip or bottom of the market by unlimited martingale lots.

After find the good position, MESA firstly exit 2/3 of total lots as the 1st target,then exit 1/6 at the half way as the 2nd target,finally exit left 1/6 on the opposite TMA bands as the 3rd target.

It is a total different martingale EA,which normally only have 2-3 orders in one direction at one time.(Image other normal martingale EAs done:)

Demo first to know how it works,and to understand what we control risk.

If you are familar with MESA,you can use it to recovery other EA's loss by setting the same magic number.


GBPJPY/GBPUSD M15  charts for riskier yet more profitable trading 

EURUSD and EURGBP for safer and comparatively less profitable trading.

If you want to earn more, you can run it on multiple symbols.Please be note that NOT run other similar EAs in one account at the same time.

Leverage should be large than 400
Cent account of 1000 USD =100000 cents preferred, OR 200K$ for ecn,while 200K$ can run 5~10 pairs at the same time.

Withdraw immediately after double equity.


  • Magic                      666(default) magic number
  • Lots                        strongly suggest to use 0.01(default) lot to start
  • EPDlots                   Use EPD(Exponential Probability Distribution) to large the first order's lots, since MESA is so  safe and we want it earn more but not always go to trouble by martingale lots
  • Mean_lots_X           EPD's mean value,1.0(default)means 1.0* Lots(0.01)=0.01
  • Max_lots_X             EPD's max value, 10.0(default)means 10.0*Lots(0.01)=0.1
  • Martingale               2.0 (default),one used within TMA bands,other used outside of TMA bands
  • Grids                       7 levels(default),total 7 levels = 1% current symbol changes. If set 5 levels, total 5 levesl = 1%,each level = 0.2% 
  • Expand Grid space  1.0(default),if you want to expand the grid, use more than 1.0
  • Target                     3 (default) levels takeprofit target if big lots. It use the spring reback logic to speed the big lots exit which lower the risk
  • Depth                      after signal happen and go worse 4(default)levels,then entry the market
  • DelayInMinutes       5(default)minutes after signal happens
  • LotsTh                    If USD based or other currency based open/pending lots is larger than 10.0(default)lots, new order based on the same currency will not open
  • BigLotX                   If martingale lots is 100.0(default) times high,exit with above small Target
  • TMA Bands Parameter...

hellometoo 2018.11.29 13:23 



Leonidas 2018.11.29 07:31 


Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2018.11.29 02:37 

So far so good, will update my result after a while.

zhiduoxing 2018.11.24 15:35 

It is a martingale,but very different.Most time are very safe, every symbols can run. I backtest EURUSD with TDS2 variable spread, get very steady result this year. 19% profit and 5% DD. I will test GBPUSD and JPY based symbols ASAP as kind Farooq suggest. I will report later.

sweetkid 2018.11.24 13:58 

Very good!It is Starting capital of $10,000, stable profitability, the number of profits is astonishing. Owning this EA is undoubtedly a real ATM.It is real a Promising ea.

zc918 2018.11.23 14:13 

Great developer, very attentive and open to suggestions, bugs are corrected promptly. I must say I am impressed by Backtests and Real results.

--- Read first comment to see real trading comparison to backtests!

--- Updated 2018-11-23 Great Real account results

*** IMPORTANT: Author signal's DrawDown obeys to a higher risk setting, you can adjust it to your liking (higher and lower) with ease***

Testing conditions include (but not limited):

- 99.9% tick data quality

- Floating variable (non capped) spreads.

- Swaps costs.

- Latency simulations up to 350 ms.

- ECN database.

- Expensive 8 USD per lot per round commissions.

- Realistic market hours simulations.


- 15 years BT with stability above 0.9

- Ret/DD metrics above 50.

- High resemblance to forward trading on signal.

- High resemblance between control points and tick data.

- Passes time shift anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multimarket data swap anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multiple timeframe robustness tests, being M15 the best Ret/DD metric.


Jinglong He
Jinglong He 2018.11.23 08:48 

Excellent EA with steady, reliable profits and low DD.

Great profitable EA.

Shuxi Zhuang
Shuxi Zhuang 2018.11.22 11:31 

This EA is incredible!

It brought me a 17% profit in one day.

The new update looks very promising.

Great support from Farooq.

Wupeng Xu
Wupeng Xu 2018.11.21 16:06 


Version 1.29 2019.01.14
limit multiple currency in the same time
Version 1.28 2018.12.31
split out
logic changed
Version 1.25 2018.12.01
Use BreakEven always,spring reback is second,TMA is expected as 3rd.
Version 1.24 2018.11.29
use TMA(H4) to exit
Version 1.23 2018.11.26
add valid time for half year
calculate the lots with the same currency, limit new order
Version 1.22 2018.11.25
Use exponential probability distribution to large the first order lots.
Version 1.21 2018.11.23
add hard stoploss
Version 1.20 2018.11.21
Use pending order entry,now its risk is lower.
Version 1.19 2018.11.21
Hide TakeProfit for bad broker
Limit one order in one bar, which reduce side way risk
Version 1.18 2018.11.17
1.18 fix bug to backtest
check TP again for safe
Version 1.17 2018.11.16
1.17 release based on rule