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Does not support openning multiple orders on a single symbol on MT5

MultiMTCopier MT4Receiver v2 - new and improved multi-terminal positions copier for your real/demo account, works faster, requires less, flexible in managing and upgrading, new information support. This Expert Advisor is designed for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, copying will be performed in this terminal.

MultiMTCopier v2:

  • The EA will copy all positions without delays
  • Additionally integrated notification in situations requiring user attention
  • Buttons for remote "delete from the chart EA" and "close the terminal"
  • Information about account state of the related terminals and data transmission speed
  • One EA for copying all positions
  • Copier has 3 speed settings for copy by_Ticks / by_Timer / by_AggressiveSpeed
  • Number of terminals (receiver/source) for MultiMTCopier v2 is unlimited
  • Selection of the terminal (MetaTrader 4/МetaТrader 5) is possible in any variant
  • Works without problems with any EAs, indicators and scripts
  • Additionally, upon your request, more features can be added
  • It demonstrates effective performance both on a home PC and a remote Windows Server (VPS)
  • Different versions of the product will not conflict with each other
  • Any procedure for installing the copier
  • Work with any names of symbols and their replacement in any variant
  • The program is intended for local copying (the source and the receiver should be located on the same PC)
  • Is allowed run only one MultiMTCopier expert in one terminal. Is forbidden run several MultiMTCopier experts in one terminal.

Possible terminal interaction options:

Basic Parameters:

section_1 = Main set

  • language - language of notifications and messages from the copier;
  • copy_mode - copy mode by_Ticks / by_Timer / by_AggressiveSpeed:
    1. by_Ticks - copy (data transfer to terminal) only on the arrival of tick from the server, the method for weak VPS. Not for scalper strategies;
    2. by_Timer - copying by timer, timer = 1 sec not used for scalper strategies, used for the strategies that require continuous verification without waiting for ticks;
    3. by_AggressiveSpeed - the fastest method of copying, in which you cannot perform actions causing interruptions of the EA operation (change settings, switch period of charts, etc.). This method is for scalper strategy requiring a maximum data transmission speed to another terminal;
  • aggressive_speed - pause between the cycles in ms. 1 sec = 1000 ms for by_AggressiveSpeed;
  • Icon - removes the copier's icon from the chart;
  • Slippage - slippage of price in points;
  • lot_rounding - number of decimal places for rounding the lot;
  • lot_multiplier - lot multiplier for the receiver;
  • Show_MTinfo - display information on the chart;
  • Show_MTbutton - display on the chart button "delete copier" / "close terminal"
  • Audio_notification - sound notifications of the robot, a female voice is used.

Description of all MultiMTCopier_MT4Receiver_settings

Denis Chugrin
2017.05.10 21:10 

Ужасно не доработанный копир , Выдает кучу ошибок , в общем деньги на ветер !

2017.01.14 19:17 

There are some issues with suffixes. The program is reliable using replace symbols instead.

Joel Simmons
2016.12.31 00:43 

Its OK. I had to stop using it as it started to become complicated when copying between brokers. There were some brokers it didnt work for at all.

Nizar Kfoury
2015.10.08 00:20 

Supper very nice product,and very nice support. 5 stars

2015.08.27 15:17 

Отличный копировщик. Богатый функционал.

Lee Bryant
2015.08.20 22:38 

Great product, works well and seller really helpful, would recommend.

Teeva Franssen
2015.05.11 19:29 

Awful support , asked him a simple question for a error on the copier : 2015.05.11 15:50:01.530 multimtcopiermt4receiver AUDUSD,M5: Incorrect symbol (GBPAUD) | account xxxx

He tried to blame it on the copier settings when everythign was at default, later i found out all you had to do is just add the symbol in the metrader window and that fixed it.

The EA is buggy , sometime works sometime it just goes crazy , don't expect much support from his product , he really does not seem to care helping users.

2015.04.14 05:39 

great functionality

2015.03.25 22:13 

Taigi greitai, tai super, gerai padaryta, sveikinimai

So quickly, it's super, well done, congratulations

Alexey Sotsky
2015.01.06 11:55 


Спасибо за помощь, все отлично работает. Быстро мне нравится. Возможно закажу доп. функционал на проф. уровне.

Vadim Novikov
2014.12.18 07:19 

Very bad adviser. It worked fine for several weeks. Then he poured all deposit for 1 hour. He started open / close positions himself. This is not a copier. This is the destroyer of deposits! This is work Deletant!

Очень плохой советник. Он работал нормально несколько недель. Потом он слил весь депозит за 1 час. Он начал открывать/закрывать позиции сам. Это не копировальщик. Это разрушитель депозитов! Это работа делетанта!

2014.09.29 04:36   

many times stopped copies process and you should restart the metatrader to copy the order from the source, not good project

Version 2.6 - 2016.03.08
use_iBalEq_filter (section_2_20) - copying filter by indicator i-BalEq
Version 2.5 - 2015.11.17
Changes related to the information output to the log
Version 2.4 - 2015.09.04
Automatic rounding of the lot to the minimum allowed at your broker.
Version 2.3 - 2015.08.17
Added the function set minimum \ maximum lot by exiting of lot from specified limit on the broker server.
Version 2.2 - 2015.05.25
- Fixed blocking when opening pending orders.
- Fixed the problem of lack of symbol in the window, now the symbol is added automatically.
- Added ability to set trading time (section_2_19).
Version 2.1 - 2015.03.24
MultiMTCopier MT5Receiver v2 is a new and improved multi-terminal positions copier for your real/demo account, works faster, requires less, flexible control and upgrade, new information support. This Expert Advisor is designed for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, which receives copied trades.
Version 1.9 - 2014.12.02
Use_Control_CO - control of closed orders. Copying is not repeated in the case of closing the order at the receiver if available at the source (section_5_12).

Use_newSLTP - installing SL/TP if they are not set in the source (section_5_13).
Version 1.8 - 2014.10.29
- Added function Use_StopCopy (section_5_10) - stop copying after x-losing orders and recovery after y-profitable orders. Number of unprofitable positions (adjustable by parameter StopCopy_x_loss in the receiver - section_5_10) are calculated in the receiver (MultiMTCopierMT4Receiver), the number of profitable positions (adjustable by parameter StopCopy_y_profit in the source - section_2_1) are calculated in the source (MultiMTCopierMT4Source). Feature added at the request of Marat_tech.
- Added function Use_percentMM (section_5_11) - calculation of the lot as a percentage of balances source and receiver.
RpMM_value - percentage.
pMM_Leverage_Source - leverage of source. 0 - not used.
pMM_Leverage_Reciever - leverage of receiver. 0 - not used.
pMM_symbol_corrections - correction of the lot according to the exchange rate accounts of Receiver/Source.
Calculation of the lot is performed using the formula: Receiver Lot = Source Lot * ((Balance Receiver * (pMM_value / 100)) / Balance Source).
Feature added at the request of Maxim Blagovestov (VINDY).
Version 1.6 - 2014.07.28
1) lot_multiplier - (section_1) Lot magnification factor for MT-source. Lot MT-source * lot_multiplier.
2) Use_SelectMT - (section_2) copy by account number. In the line "accounts" - the list of accounts separated by commas, from which you want to copy.
3) Delete_prefix - (section_3) function to delete prefixes. Add_prefix (section_3) function to add prefixes.
4) Delete_suffix - (section_4) function to delete suffix. Add_suffix (section_4) function to add suffixes.
5) opening_time_delay - (section_5) time delay in seconds between opening two positions in the MT-receiver.
6) Use_only_open - (section_5_1) opening only those symbols that are in line "symbols_only_open".
7) Use_NOT_open - (section_5_2) prohibition on copying the symbols in line "symbols_NOT_open".
8) Use_revers - (section_5_3) position reverse.
9) Use_Lot_balance - (section_5_4) lot MT-receiver in relation to the balance. LotReceiver = LotSource * (BalanceSource / BalanceReceiver) * lot_balance_koff
10) Use_copy_MT4_SL_TP - (section_5_5) copying SL-TP from MT4 terminals. With checking executed orders in history.
11) Use_Price_limitation - (section_5_6) opening price in the MT-receiver should not exceed the value in price_interval (in points) from the opening price at the MT-source position. Example: if in the source the price for a Buy deal is 1.5050, then the receiver can open it below 1,5050 + price_interval.
12) Max_Lot_position - (section_5_7) maximum lot that can be copied from the MT-terminals. Minim_Lot_position - minimum lot that can be copied from the MT-terminals.
13) Use_Time_limitation - (section_5_8) time interval during which it is possible to copy.
14) Use_Replace_symbols - (section_5_9) replacement symbols. In line "symbols_toReplace" specify symbols that need to be replaced. In the line "symbols_substitute" specify symbols that you want to substitute.

To use the new version 1.06, the source version must be 1.04 or above in МТ4 or 1.02 or above in МТ5.
Version 1.4 - 2014.07.01
1. Fixed a bug of operations with prefixes/suffixes in version 1.03.
2. New function:
- Use_only_open - enabling copying of symbols from the list.
- symbols_only_open - the list of symbols to copy.
3. New function:
- Use_NOT_open - enabling the function to prohibit copying if symbols from the list.
- symbols_NOT_open - the list of symbols to ban copying.
4. New function:
- Use_revers - reverse the copy type. SELL turns into BUY and vice versa.
Version 1.3 - 2014.06.17
Fixed a bug when working with symbols with prefix/suffix.
Version 1.2 - 2014.05.06
At the request of Simmons (joel3792) added the following function in section 5 for MultiMTCopier_MT4Receiver.

opening_time_delay - time delay between the orders opening. All orders will be opened a delay of "opening_time_delay" seconds between them (0-not used).