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QFoxMA is a trading robot for the EURUSD currency pair on the H1 timeframe.

Trading strategy.

The transaction is made on two indicators Moving Average. If the transaction goes into profit, then it closes, and everything starts anew. If the transaction goes at a loss, then the grid of transactions opens. When the grid goes into profit, it closes and everything starts all over again.


  • qauto = true - automatic calculation of parameter values.
  • qprofit = 100 - the number of points of the total profit of transactions at which transactions are closed.
  • qdistance = 100 - the number of points between deals in the grid.
  • qperiod1 = 12 - the period of the first indicator Moving Average.
  • qperiod2 = 24 - the period of the second indicator Moving Average.
  • qlotsratio = 100000 - the ratio of the balance to the transaction volume in lots.
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