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Golden Bulls

Golden Bulls is the newest expert that have new 2 different indicator which, our team had designed .
EA works on based on 2 differnt Stratagy *** DAY TRSDING Base on HFT (high frequency trading) algorithm and NIGHT TRADING Base on trades during a small market volatility, after the end of the us session, tracking the price levels on several indicators ,it’s so sensitive and it’s about 3 different strategies,   

 it’s 100% automatic. Golden bulls has been designed for new generation of market ,

                                  my other products can be found here: 



- No grid. No martingale
- A small Stoploss for every trade  
- Low Drawdown
- multi currency


Recommended Broker :any ECN account   , any broker

Working Time Frame : any time , recommended use in real time ,, m1 ,,

Minimum Capital : 100$ USD 

Recommended currency pairs for DAY TRADING (Noise filter)strategy   Recommended currency pairs for NIGHT TRADING strategy 
Recommended use SHARP currrency pairs like  , GBPUSD,GBPNZD, EURUSD , USDJPY , EURJPY , GBPJPY , EURGBP Multi currency  , recommended attach all currency pairs at the same time

Here you can find the Best set file of all currency pairs set , please Click Here
By default set for SHARP PAIRS , by default works just DAY STRATEGY, Because(Noise filter) is TRUE ,if you want to use NIGHT TRADING ,just press the key from FALSE to TRUE , than both will work together

  • MAX slippage   / max slippage
  • MAX Spread  / maximum spread, at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions just for DAY TRADING .. noise filter...
  • Lot   / initial lot
  • Day risk  / manage auto lot size risk of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when  Auto lot is enabled  / manage lot size just for DAY TRADING STRATEGY
  • Night risk   / manage auto lot size risk of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto lot is enabled / manage lot size just for NIGHT TRADING STRATEGY
  • ...TIME NEW YEAR...
  • Enable new year      True.False    / / if True, the EA will not work on NEW YEAR , if False it will work in the normal mode
  • Start date month   /  stop trading date month
  • Start date Day    / start trading date Day
  • Stop date month   / stop trading date month
  • Stop date day    / stop trading date Day
  • MOnday Trading      True,False  / if False, the EA will not work on MONDAY , if True it will work in the normal mode
  • ...open pos trailing...
  • Enable trailing    True,False    /  if False, the trailing will not work , if True it will work 
  • Trailing start     / start trailing
  • Trailing stop    / stop trailing
  • Trailin step     / trailing step
  • Noise filter            True,False                   STRATEGY  1   DAY TRADING   HFT
  • Stop loss  / real stop loss points FOR DAY TRADING strategy
  • Take profit / real take profit in points  FOR DAY TRADING strategy
  • Step    step buystop,sellstop distance behind the price
  • Noise over point   / in High NEWS ,When candle move over point
  • End trading noise filter secend    / remove buystop or sellstop ,when the deal time is over 
  • Trailing pos step     / trailing step about move pending order behind tehe price
  • Trailing pos stop    / stop trailing  about stop pending order behind tehe price
  • Start trade time DAY TRADING    / the EA operation start hour
  • Stop trad time   DAY TRADING    / the EA operation end hour

  • NIGHT TRADE        True,False               STRATEGY 2   NIGHT TRADING
  • Signal                       SIGNAL1 , SIGNAL2  , BOTH     2DIFFERENT STRATEGY
  • NOISE FILTER NIGHT       True,False    /this is smart TP
  • Point close     / Its distance between pending order and smart TP
  • One loss trade minute  / STOP trade minute after loss
  • Night strat trading   / permit strart trade time for NIGHT TRADING Strategy
  • Night stop trading    / end trade time for NIGHT TRADING Strategy
  • Trade permit time minute   /  permit trade time after first signal
  • Distance permit point SIGNAL1   / distance between start trade and start order for SIGNAL1
  • Distance MAX SIGNAL 1    /   max distance allow for trade
  • Distanc permit point SIGNAL 2   / distance between start trade and start order for SIGNAL2
  • Distance MAX SIGNAL 2    / max distance allow for trade
  • MAX spread NIGHT   / maximum spread, at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions for NIGHT TRADING
  • Stoploss Gap   / stop loss points FOR NIGHT TRADING 
  • Takeprofit Gap   / take profit in points FOR DAY TRADING 
  • MAGIC NUMBERS  /magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions
Contact me immediately after you purchase the EA

Sasan Bakhtiari
Sasan Bakhtiari 2019.09.17 21:59 

at first I need to appreciate your EA, it works fantastic and automatically, day and night, it's sometimes funny , it doesn't buy any fulsh . so far one week I use it and not even one mistake happened, I hope it stay the same because honestly it's really satisfying me , also thanks for super support, one of the strategies is really crazy, I really suggest that for those knows one and two of experts and trading EA

armin.modaresi 2019.09.17 15:36 

I purchased this expert 3 days ago and at the start of market my account grows 35% by one night, and in last 4days my account reached almost 2870$ , without any problems . i got almost 100% in 4 days .

And the night trading strategy is excellent at least made 35% in one night , and day trading signals (signal1 & signal2) are even brilliant made me 70% in 4 days . I cant believe it , this expert is the best on the market . the author being very supportive and helped me throw the setup and using step by step. Great work body . really great work .

My account type is standard with high spread , i wish I could get ECN account soon this must be the bomb on ECN accounts with low spreads

Please check my result in the link below