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Martin Overlap Bot MT5

REAL ACCOUNT MONITORING HERE -  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/806730

This is a trading adviser https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/32155 , adapted for the MT5 trading platform. I used only one difference between both versions of my EA: it is tactic of closing positions on take profit. In the MT4 version, my goal is using of points. In the MT5 version, my goal is using the Deposit currency. This trade expert works only with account`s type HEDGING. It will not work in the account`s type NETTING. Another nice feature of my EA is the most optimized algorithm which allows you to test on the history in a few minutes (unlike the version for MT4). I added the option to increase the profit depending on the number of positions in the market, to ensure the most flexible adaptation to the trading instrument used.

It is a fully automatic trading strategy that does not use any indicators. EA is suitable for 4-and 5 - digit brokers. At the very beginning of trading, two multidirectional positions are set, with the initial lot specified in the settings. If the market does not follow the right direction, new positions are opened at the specified distance from the previous ones. Profit is achieved when the entire network of positions is closed at the specified Take Profit level. The peculiarity of the EA is that the Take Profit levels for the broker remain invisible. Another feature is the reduction of the total floating drawdown, due to the overlap of losses of the initial positions with the profit of the latter.

General EA settings:

Continue_work - this parameter specifies whether the EA should start a new trading cycle. If it is true, new positions are opened after the old ones are closed. If it is false, the EA processes and closes the remaining positions in normal mode, but does not open new ones. This parameter can be changed while the EA is running using the F7 key, the General trading mode will not be violated.

Lot - the Volume of the lot that opens the first position in the trading cycle.

Maximum_Positions - the Maximum allowed number of open positions.

Profit - Profit with which all positions in a certain direction (BUY or SELL) should be closed.

Multiplier_Profit - profit multiplier (the condition for closing the specified profit in the Deposit currency increases in direct proportion to the specified multiplier).

Step - Distance (in points) between positions.

Multiplier_Positions - Multiplier of the volume of the next position in the trading cycle.

Magic (default 0) - a Unique position ID that the EA uses to "recognize" its trades. If this parameter is set to "0", the expert Advisor will" pick up " the positions placed manually and close them with a profit, then continue trading according to the algorithm.

Show_Info - show or not the information window.


Maximal_Lot - the maximum allowed volume value, the limit for trading in lots. If the strategy conditions require a position with a lot greater than the specified one, the position will be set with the Maximal_Lot value.

Use_Overlap - whether or not to use loss overlap with profit.

Numbers_positions_to_overlap - from which position on the account, in a certain direction, to start covering losses with profit.

Overlap_Profit - the amount in the Deposit currency used to close the first and last positions in the grid.

Use_Maximal_Drawdown - use or not following the value of the floating drawdown of the account to close all positions.

Maximal_Drawdown-value in the Deposit currency for closing all positions in the market.

To diversify the risks, I recommend using the expert Advisor simultaneously on different accounts, in separate open terminals. To do this, I increased the number of product activations to 10.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your trading!

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Version 2.11 2020.07.31
Обновлен алгоритм. Улучшена производительность.
Version 2.9 2020.05.04
Refactoring logic, increasing the speed of testing and optimization